Claudia Messenger

Quarantined For A Dream. Portrait taken in mandatory hotel quarantine, stifled, suffocated and sterile.

Luke David

Hong Kong Cemetery. A symmetrical memorial on the apex of Hong Kong's vertical cemetery.

Charlie Barker

Out of service.

Thisun Piyasena

Secluded shrines. While sailing on Lake Ashinoko a small and secluded Torii gate offers a brief burst of colour on an otherwise foggy morning. In Japan, Torii gates generally signify the entrance to the sacred precincts of a Shinto shrine.

Anna Luscombe

Dillon Mak

Black Lives Matter. A Black Lives Matter rally was held in The Domain in Sydney on July 5th 2020 with around 2000 protesters in attendance. The police allowed them to gather in the park but when the protesters started to do an unauthorised march through to Hyde Park a large police presence emerged to stop them.

Charlotte Clapham-Burns

Ophelia's Last Breath. This piece highlights Shakespeare’s relevance in modern society. The female represents Ophelia and her suicide in the play, Hamlet. It symbolises the inevitable consequence of Hamlet's position of power and that Ophelia had no choice but to be destroyed by her obedience to the men she loved. The water as Hamlet caresses her and but ultimately leads to her slow painful demise.

Riley MacPherson

Huxley & the Boys.

Jarrah Knowles Parsons

The Arrival. On the 29th of November 2019, I went for a walk with some friends up the hills outside Braidwood, to get a better view of the fires. We watched the smoke swallow all the houses that we could see. It was a lot to take in. It didn’t seem real. I wondered what was going through my friend’s mind as she watched her farm disappear into the smoke while her father was defending their house.

Riley MacPherson

Scarlet by Macdonaldtown.

Alicia Flegeltaub

Lonely in Lockdown. This image of my father, who has Multiple Sclerosis, captures a moment of reflection as he sits on the edge of his bed, next to his walking frame, on a sunny afternoon during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Katherine Hill

Silhouette Meadow.

Alicia Flegeltaub

Lost Biophilia. This image expresses a lost connection to the natural world. Reflecting on the current pandemic and the lockdowns that prevent us from connecting to nature, this image explores how many of us are longing to be surrounded by the natural world that we can no longer access.

Anna Luscombe

Luke Fazekas

Mirror_rorriM. A collection of self-portraits from the series Mirror_rorriM ; a study of light and reflection captured in a home bedroom.

Hannah Churchyard


Richard Parks

Aftermath. following the devastating Australian bushfires in January 2020, the clean up continues well into winter creating a harsh beauty to the landscape. This image depicts the remains of the beloved Sugar Pine walk at Batlow NSW

Riley MacPherson


Rebecca Diele

Michael . I documented my partner’s journey through his stage IV cancer diagnosis. Here he had just learnt that the cancer had metastasised to the brain after a series of seizures. It was taken at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre In Melbourne. The portrait illustrates the helplessness and hopelessness of the moment.

Jules Hatton-Ward


Eunie Kim

Matthew Peter Cheel

COMRADE TATAKUMENI. Meet Comrade Tatakumeni; a Freedom Fighter in the anti-Apartheid movement who was imprisoned on Robben Island from where he shared a cell with fellow Comrade Nelson Mandela for 5 years. The former political prisoner spoke of the amazing human spirit that held on and triumphed through the darkest time of South African history.

Alicia Flegeltaub

Deterioration. This diptych-style image explores themes of deterioration, identity, loss, and manipulation, through an abstract portrait of my father. This was created by disturbing the image with cleaning products while the ink was still wet on transparent paper, revealing a unique and abstract reproduction of the original image that sits beside it.

Jesse Pretorius

Hk Bathers. The photo was taken on 120 film on a trip to Hong Kong late last year. It was taken in central Mong Kok amidst the ongoing democracy protests, the contextual juxtaposition between conflict and leisure makes for an interesting dynamic. The image reminds me of the work of Martin Parr, since taking it my direction has shifted to creating humorous or surrealist street photography.

Patrick Riley

Dad eating breakfast

Anna Luscombe


Toshiki Tanaka

I captured this image to embody the images of farmers wearing boro which means a kind of clothes farmers wear when they work in Japan)Those clothes are made by a designer and all materials are recyclable.We claim against over waste through the photo.Designer@xyzsbyyoshiMUA @trashmamamakeup

Jari Cornelis

Tiger Snake. This individual is part of our ongoing research at Curtin University where we study the health and behaviour of tiger snakes in Urban wetlands around Perth.

Asif Hussein

Stop. I can study, I can write, I can teach, I can care for, I can provide, I can ...... ............................STOP..............................

Jess Black

Holbrook, AZ. . Sundown at Wigwam Village #6.

Asif Hussein

Face Me Dear. I see this young girl, she is hiding a knife behind her back. I think of telling the girl that there is no reason to be afraid. There is no danger here. “Face me Dear” I said and then I froze .... she was already facing me ..... or was she?

Cara Maguire

Undefeated. My father, an Australian Mountain Cattleman, rests against a log on his Alpine grazing runs in his battered oilskin as he contemplates the aftermath of the devastating 2020 Summer bushfires. He ponders the contrast that Winter brings, the incongruity of snow upon blackened limbs.

Samara Sutton-Baker

Urban Dreams.Sam and Alyx moved to Brisbane to pursue their career aspirations. Sam lost his job. Alyx's mental health worsened. The relationship grew strained. Alyx began sleeping at her cousin’s house. Sam sent flowers to her work place. They eventually broke up. Later, Alyx found out she was pregnant. Sam cried when he felt the first kick. They intend to co-parent the child. He is due in February.

Taylor Parham

5:49 pm. The last light of the day.

Lachlan Bell

The Island of Women. Situated 8.5 km from the mainland, the small island of Naissaar retains visible remnants, relics & revenants roam through it's pine forests and stone beaches. Having a long history of occupation, and most recently having been used as a naval mine factory for the Soviets in Estonia, the healing process has begun, yet scars are buried deep and time is achingly slow.

Natasha Moore

Jacob. This image is part of a series of portraits inspired by traditional analogoe photography. In an age of technology with endless possibilities, my aim was to produce images with little or no post processing. This was acheived with the use of a red filter and shooting in black and white.

Julia Howe

Disheveled and distressed. This photograph makes the viewer question the ambiguity surrounding who the girl is and encourages them to feel concern and empathy for her due to her perplexed and clearly distressed emotional state.

James Taylor

Runaway. This series of images, heavily inspired by the works of Cindy Sherman and Francesca Woodman, seek to artistically portray a cinematic escape across the countryside. Characterised by 1950’s film tropes and visual culture, these images serve as a modern interpretation of cinema performance and it’s nostalgic ambiguity when viewed as a single frame.

Boden Mark Todd

Peter Swain . "When I do welcomes I feel a deep sense of pride that I’m able to be in a position to represent my family, my people, all those who came before me those present and all still to come that’s why I focus on right here right now because yes I represent all those people I can only speak for myself. I feel a sense of responsibility that I portray them the way I feel them"

Luke David

Ma Wan Kitchen. Red plastic dishes are all that remains in a kitchen in the abandoned village of Ma Wan, Hong Kong

Cameron Meacham

Waves. Melbourne Architecture

Tina Wilkins

Reflection. There's a garden in the front of a converted shopfront near the end of our local shopping strip. It's designed to be enjoyed from the inside and the foliage presses up against the big opaque window on the street. I've walked past it hundreds of times, this is what it looked like during Melbourne's lockdown.

Peter Berzanskis


Renee Coster

Self Portrait : The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters. This self portrait was created in response to Yinka Shonibare's work of the same title. Suggesting that imagination and reason can not be separated, one can not fall asleep to matters within society or the inner-self.

Renee Coster

Cured Contour. Cured Contour comes from my recent series - Beauty Myth. Exploring themes of female identity and self-image, Beauty Myth is a photographic social-commentary series; employing symbols, signs and pop-cultural references to articulate expectations sold to women through advertising and media.

Troy Cannell

Celestial Armageddon.

Clare Jellie

When the Sun Sleeps. When the Sun Sleeps is a photographic exploration of the small Australian coastal city of Warrnambool and the stories embedded within its social and environmental ecologies. The project investigates clashing ideas to both question and celebrate rural living through long-form documentary and the traditions of photography that responds to place.

Cameron Meacham

Serenity. ‘Serenity’ captured during sunrise on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Patrick Riley

Mum by the window

Matthew Peter Cheel

JOES DINER. Have you ever met someone whose personality stormed in, brought light, oxygen, joy and pure life itself? You know, there are two types of people-ones who live their lives, & ones whose lives live them. You need to be the former, not the latter. Don’t wait for inspiration's shove or society's kiss on your forehead. Stay connected and you will flourish.

Robyn Mill

Sulphur Soak. Soaking in the Blue Lagoon near Reykjavik.

Finn Houghton


Samantha Jones

Valeria Ramirez

The Merge. This is part of my collaborative series called Awaken. This work is about capturing the transition every girl goes through when she steps out of being a girl to becoming a woman. In this work, I have tried to capture the struggle of growing into her new skin, embracing her sexuality and stepping into her feminine power. This piece captures the merge of her old self with the new.

Greta W Miller

Untitled (Censorship). Responding to the increasing dependence art world are placing on social media for public engagement. The self promotion and perpetuation of unrealistic beauty ideals present an uneasy context for art.Initially this image began as a documentation of a performative investigation of a new home, using movement and body to explore the new space. Influenced by Yvonne Rainer and Francesca Woodman.

Peter Berzanskis

Lead Zepplin.

Boden Mark Todd

The Drop . A water-bombing aircraft drops fire retardant ahead of The Green Wattle Creek fire in the Southern Highlands

Rani Joensen

hidden creature. In Australia one in five people experience a mental illness every year. There are many different types and levels of mental illnesses, some people with mental health issues don’t show any visual signs which makes them look fine but on the inside they are struggling.

Jasmine Lou

A Night in Xitang. This photo was taken in Xitang, Zhejiang, China. I was intrigued by the transformation of Xitang from a sleepy water village during the day, to a lively hub of bars and clubs after nightfall. This shot explores the integration of traditional Chinese architecture and decorations with the reality of modern consumerism.

Jyoti Jakovickis

The Paddle Out. My brother paddling madly trying to get out behind the break before the next set.

Elijah Clarke

I climbed past the clouds today..

Melissa Stewart

Alyssa Montesano

My work is part of an ongoing portfolio project, showcasing shoes and legs in order to explore the idea of stereotypes based on the persons footwear of choice - while still creating suggestive images that leave the audience to think about the character. My image reflects my strong ability in styling and set design, while developing and maintaining my technique and skill as a photographer.

Samantha Jones

Beate Ammer


Adam F Street

Balcony Man. A strange building looms over Melbourne with its sole occupant appearing to display a rude gesture.

Kira Sláine O'Connor

Sipping Lemons.Loss of memory can, for some, result in a loss of self. Since the birth of photography, there has been a consistent discussion on it’s link to memory. This series highlights the reality of post-traumatic anterograde amnesia and shares my experience of having lived with an invisible disease. Further, shows why the discussion of photography and its role in memory is an integral one.

Katherine Hill

Floating Tulip.

Maryanne Gorman

Waiting for Something Better. All animals deserve freedom . They need to be in their own environment . While we try to do the right thing by these beautiful creatures, being an exhibit can't offer them the life they deserve and they look tired and bored. His eyes stare as if asking a question.

Matthew Peter Cheel

AORAKI. Aoraki (Mt. Cook) is the highest recorded mountain summit in New Zealand. Driving 3 hours from Queenstown, I managed to get my tripod out in the middle of the road to take this one shot wonder at 9:15pm right on dusk. I was lucky to capture this beautiful landscape, with just enough light hitting the peak of the mountain from behind a valley.

Mackensy Farrar

Basking in the Sun . An intimate image capturing a lizard lounging in the Sun. This is the epitome of a lizards life.

Eunie Kim

Location : Mt Kosciuszko National Park Taken from a hot air balloon

Diane Barnetson

Plastic...... What can you see...? Is it really just plastic...?

Jamie Paige Catherine Bridge

Anyone home?.Nobody's home, because this is nobody's home. Taken on Ilford HP5+ black and white film.

Bethany Johnston

Canadian Adventure.