Alex Kydd

A Fever Of Cownose Rays. An extremely rare encounter with a fever of cownose rays on Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia. The rays With very few reports of cownose ray in this region, identification is speculative. The behaviour displayed is still unknown. It may be a once in a lifetime encounter.

Kristian Bell

Death in Cold Blood. A vicious and brutal fight to the death between two 'cold-blooded' reptiles. In this encounter a flying tree snake captures, subdues and kills a blue crested lizard. After a long struggle the snake was unable to consume the lizard and dropped it to the ground, discarded. I watched an almost identical encounter the following day, likely the same snake still hungry after its previous failed meal.

Aaron Cuthbert

Standing Guard.

Ross Gudgeon

Red Jellyfish. Crambione mastigophora, the red jellyfish, edible jellyfish or ‘sea tomato’ taken during a jellyfish bloom event around the North West Cape area (Ningaloo Reef and Exmouth Gulf) of Western Australia

Ross Gudgeon

Angler Fish. Hairy Angler (or Frog) Fish waving its lure around trying to entice its next meal to come a little closer

Andrew Peacock

Antarctic storm.Adélie penguin on the edge of a snow slope

Nicole Marie

Geoffrey Hyde

Fig Longicorn Beetle. A Fig Longicorm beetle, Acalolepta vastator, that I kept as a pet for six months after it attached itself to my sweater one day while I was cleaning our house in Randwick. Unsurprisingly, it was quite keen on fig leaves! This shot was taken shortly after its demise, and is a focus stack of sixty shots.

Andy Wingate

Ol' Blue Eyes. With a combination of both Beauty and Beast this Black Hairy Angler Fish stared in wait for its prey to pass within striking distance using one of the fastest moving mouths in the ocean.

Ross Gudgeon

Ghost Goby. Tiny Ghost Goby trying to become one with the sea pen to hide from predators

Diana Fernie

The Babysitter. A male skunk anemone fish looks after his eggs and fans them to keep them aerated. Philippines.

Debra Sulzberger

A Generation X Common Wombat Joey (Vombatus Ursinus) . Why leave home when it’s cosy, safe and warm in there. Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania Common Wombats are not on the critically endangered list. Canon 5DM3 Canon 70-200 L series 2.8

Michelle Brown

A bit of chitchat between the boys . I hike up in Kosciusko almost weekly.On this particular day whilst hiking out back country I saw these two wild horse stallions rearing up at each other,they definitely put on a show for me.

Sebastien Landat

Curled Up.

Erin King

Green Tree Frog.


Gerry. A horse posed inside the Mount Stromlo Observatory telescope ruin in Canberra Australia. Part of the 'horse' series.

Susan O'Connor

Family feud.

Alex Kydd

A Big Fish In A Big Ocean. With some of the clearest water we encountered in the year and hardly a breath of wind, conditions allowed for this photo. The light rays are only achieved in these perfect weather conditions.

Angela Robertson-Buchanan

Little Friarbird. Photographed in Cashmere, Queensland.

Andrew Gray Staley

Geoffrey Ellis

Eagle Ray // Cobia . I went out for a morning fly with my drone and noticed a dark object in the water. I hovered over the eagle ray, watching the cobia follow it around, when I managed to snap this shot. It took about 10 minutes of following them around to get the perfect shot, but it was well worth it! This is one image.

Wanda Lach

Galahs Playing in the Rain. We have been waiting for rain for such a long time. When it finally rained the galahs were in their element playing on the high wire like there was not tomorrow!

Diana Fernie

Shaun the Sheep. Affectionately known as Shaun the Sheep, this marine gastropod measures around 3mm. These slugs live on a small green algae which is planted on the sea floor and they share this home with many other creatures most of which are not visible to the naked eye. Philippines.

Jon Wright

The Hunt Of The Turtle. Endangered Green Sea Turtle glides across seagrass searching for its next feed. Located on the Gold Coast Australia.

Jari Cornelis

Storm Dragon. The Central Bearded Dragon is a common sight in the outback of Australia and because of this their beauty is often overlooked. Equiped with an impressive defensive display and covered in spines an adult Bearded Dragon will give many predators a run for their money.

Brian Deakin

Leafy sea dragon, Tumby bay SA.. After two days (5 dives) searching for this beautiful creature, we were about to give up hope. I stumbled across this one at the end of the last dive. The difficult question is wether to frame this animal in it's natural environment, or to isolate it. I chose the latter because once amongst the weeds the image becomes overly complicated.

Kate Sheffield

Going for a stroll. Flamingoes in the Salt Flats of Bolivia

Andy Wingate

Mr Grumpy. Not looking to impressed seeing an 'alien' with a camera, this Grey Angler fish sat motionless as I took shoots with a directional light source (Snoot) aimed at only the high points and not filling in the subject with light purposley to create shadows and mood. Sometimes these will sit for hours waiting for prey to pass before biting and swallowing quicker than the eye can see.

Alex Kydd

Dance in the dark. An extremely rare encounter with a fever of cownose rays on Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia. The rays were exhibiting a behaviour that is still unknown. It may be a possible mating ritual or social behaviour. The exact species of cownose rays is still unknown without testing.

Jordan Robins

Fin Slapping . Two endangered Green Sea Turtles slapping some fins as the glide over the reef.

Renee Doyle

Just Chilling. A Milk Frog resting peacefully

Rosie Leaney

Feeding Time. A king penguin returns from sea to feed it's hungry chick with regurgitated fish and squid. King penguins are such dignified birds, they even make regurgitation look graceful.

Vicki Ann McDonald

Himalyan Griffin Vulutre.

Eetane Yong

Barking Owl.

Catherine Krys Robinson

Looking At You. This happy little grasshopper was having a nice feed in my garden, when we crossed eyes together.

Jari Cornelis

Out On A Limb . A dark Coastal Carpet Python basks in the winter sun on the edge of a cliff of Lamington National Park. Australia is known for it's snakes and Pythons are some of the most iconic and easily distinguishable from other species.

Angela Robertson-Buchanan

Noisy Friarbird. Photographed in Cashmere, Queensland.

Peter Sharp

Urchin the Echidna.This is Urchin the Echidna. Commissioned by Sydney Wildlife but also captured as part of an ongoing personal project entitled 'All Creatures Great & Small’.

Renee Doyle

Renee Doyle

Mum's Little Look Out. A young Cheetah Cub shows mum that she has been learning how to hunt by gaining vantage points to view over the tall grasses of the Mara Plains

Diana Fernie

Fish Soup. Fish Rock Cave, NSW

Renee Doyle

Time to stroll. Tiger-Leg Monkey Tree Frog stretching out

Gary Meredith

Sunrise in the Great Sandy Desert. Rainbow Bee-eaters are rarely seen sitting together in large groups in Australia. The need for these birds to group together is purely about staying warm. These Bee-eaters migrate North to the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia each winter, the cold winds blowing across the desert make early mornings very uncomfortable, that is unless you have plenty of friends to snuggle up too!

Merlyn Cantwell

Alex Gualtieri

Why fit In when your born to stand out !!. The title of this images reflects the face of the lion in its true purity.

Tom Broadhurst

Heads and tails. A impressive, and grumpy, male leopard in a tree in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda.

Dharshini Devasagayam


Alex Kydd

Love Bite. An adolescent green sea turtle seeks out another turtle in the blue to bite. It may be a form of aggression or a social behaviour. Photo taken Lombok, Indonesia.

Jordan Robins

White Spotted Jellyfish Sunset. A White Spotted Jellyfish effortlessly drifts in the current as the sun sets over Jervis Bay.

Neil Vincent

Snake Eel get a facial. A Napoleon Snake Eel buries its body in the sand to hunt passing prey. This eel was having a facial provided by small shrimp cleaning off the parasites and dead skin around it's head.

Sebastien Landat

The Hunt.

Claire Michelle Garrett

Odin's Watch. Police Dog Odin stands proudly in front of the Main Cell Block at Heritage Listed Fremantle Prison in Western Australia.

Renee Doyle

Twins. The emotion displayed, and the connection between Coastal Brown Bears is endearing and very strong

Michael Smith

Ocean Explorer. A Green Sea Turtle swims between coral bommies on the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Wayne Woodward

Polar Bear Hunt Svalbard. The bear swam silently toward the resting seal, it paused cautiously on the same ice as the seal, after taking a few deep breaths it disappeared below the ice before a sudden explosive resurfacing close to its target. Fortunately for the seal the ice proved too be too thick for the bears lunge to be successful, the seal avoided the reach of massive paws with a frantic dash and dived to freedom.

Jannico Kelk

Prince of Thorns . A young thorny devil that was found crossing a desolate road in outback Western Australia. The thorns and spines on this unique lizard collect morning dew and moisture and small channels bring the water to the lizards mouth.

Kelly A Pilgrim-Byrne

Kaya the juvenile echidna. Kaya was found in a Perth suburb as a very small echidna and hand raised by a local family. Kaya was then surrended to the Darling Range Wildlife Shelter who took over his/her care, with a view to releasing Kaya back into the wild once rehabilitated.

Rebecca Harrison

Lift Off. Great Egret preparing for flight on a calm still morning.

Kay Cypher

This is home.. Hokkaido Japan, wild whooper swans on a frozen lake.

Jannico Kelk

Jewels of the Amazon. Two-striped Forest Vipers can be found deep in the Amazon basin. This beautiful specimen was found several kilometers away from the Yasuni Research Station in Ecuador along a creek edge. It waited in ambush for the next ill-fated rodent to pass.

Geoffrey Hyde

Ant Confab. These two ants, Rhytidoponera sp., might seem to be ready to fight, but they are actually working as a team. Unseen in the background are several plant-sap-sucking aphids, which exude honeydew, much prized by the ants. In return, the ants protect the aphids from predators. Snapped on a weedy plant, in Centennial Park, Sydney.

Jordan Robins

Turtle Swirl . On a recent trip to the Great Barrier Reef, I wanted to captured an unique perspective of a Green Sea Turtle. Using strobes, a slow shutter and moving the camera in a circular motion I created this turtle swirl image.

Ruth Helena Woodrow

Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill

Daryll Rivett

Jellyfish in Space. Larvae Jellyfish with symbiotic fish (inside head of jellyfish) taken on a Blackwater (Night) dive in Anilao - Philippines. Macro photo using Canon G16 camera in Fantasea FG16 housing using an INON +10 Diopter and 2 INON Z240 strobes and torch.

Renee Doyle

Climb High.

Christine Goerner

River Crossing. The great migration is the greatest show on earth, but a surreal experience. It’s a visual feast and it’s very, very loud as thousands of wildebeest approach, attempt and then cross the Mara River. The steep angle of the river bed is emphasised in this photograph where the animals appear stacked vertically, taking their place in the queue to jump - the dust adding to the sense of high drama.

Michael Smith

Curiosity. An inquisitive, young Humpback Whale swims past for a close look.

Rosie Leaney

Cuttlefish Competition. Every year in Whyalla, South Australia, thousands of giant cuttlefish (Sepia apama) congregate to mate. As there are more males than females, the competition is intense. In displays of bravado, the males try to make themselves look as big as possible, just like these two.

Tim Van Leeuwen

Wing action. I was photographing Cockatiel at a small waterhole near Derby. My settings were F9 - 1/5000 - ISO 1250. I had my camera and lens flat on the ground giving me this perspective. I was wrapped to see that all the birds flying in this image were in focus

Peter Murrowood

Welcome meal. Kennington Reservoir is one kilometre from where I live, and is on the junction of two of the busier streets in Bendigo. On a regular walk around the lake I noticed a group of young swallows sitting on a partly submerged branch. They started to chirp loudly and bounce up and down with their mouths open. The older swallows approached with food and seemed to randomly choose a chick to feed .

Renee Doyle

Roaming Free. Coastal Brown Bear wading through the low tide looking for Clams

Lily Martin

The Watchers. A group of Black Kites (Milvus migrans) overlook the local service station at Fitzroy River, watching for an opportunistic meal of insects and small animals or a scavenged morsel from the abundant litter. They are one of the few species of raptors that are known to congregate in flocks.

Iesha Stewart

Re-emergence. Yes an optimistic tile, however its been just over 19 months after China implemented a full ban on commercial ivory sales - with a noticeable decline in the ivory trade. Thank you China! That stated, there exists trade-offs from other countries that continue to not take this issue seriously. This beautiful young bull was photographed from a small dingy off the banks of the Chobe River, Botswana.

Alison Langevad

The Perfect Blue Moment. Tentatively he came, all too aware he may be vulnerable at the waterhole. Quietly he drank as the storm clouds gathered behind him, a beautiful sight at blue hour. White rhino have been bought back from the edge of extinction, but a recent surge in poaching have made them vulnerable again. Many private reserves in South Africa have dehorned their rhino in the hope to keep these magnificent animals

Kristian Bell

Frog Hollow. A giant banjo frog sits in a roadside drainage canal. These frogs spend most of their time buried underground, only emerging following rain. On this occasion, following a long drought, it only took the slightest of drizzles to encourage this large individual to emerge to look for food. Upon finding a photographer it quickly retreated into the pipe.

Alex Kydd

The Celebrity Of Ningaloo Reef. An endangered whale shark coming up from the depths below to feed on plankton at the surface. The Ningaloo Reef is known as one of the largest whale shark congregations site anywhere in the world.

Wayne Woodward

Polar Dinner Svalbard. A bear guards and enjoys his kill. A bear will drag its kill away from the water to feed firstly on the skin and blubber then the meat. They may not eat the entire kill but will leave the remainder for scavenging gulls, foxes or other bears as it pursues a warm fresh meal.

Julius Pang

Autumn Koi.

Kim Nguyen

My GoldFish Harry.

Alison Langevad

A Quiet Drink. It was a perfectly still night. A stunning night sky filled to the brim with stars set the backdrop. Two African Buffalo approached silently. Unaware of me and my camera they proceeded to drink. Taking advantage of their stillness at this time I was able to capture a long exposure. At this moment a little bush magic was captured.

Craig Kenyon

Reflecting Ant. Sometimes we need to stop and take a good look at ourselves.

Saskia Granger

You Keep a Look Out. Corella's are one of the few birds that play for fun. These two birds were having a wonderful time swinging from a broken street light, using the casing like a see-saw. They just had to navigate the landing first.

Rowan Marsh-Croft


Susan O'Connor

Reindeers in training, Botswana style..

Julius Pang

Eagle Showdown. Steller's Sea Eagles fight over food amongst the frozen Hokkaido landscape.

Jordan Robins

Rays of The Bay. An 'over under' image of a Common Stingaree gliding over the sand flats as the sun sets over Jervis Bay. An 'over under' is a type of underwater photo where you can see above and below the water, captured in a single exposure with the use of strobes. A slow shutter speed was used to captured the movement of water as it rolled over the surface of my dome, creating a wave like effect.

Jari Cornelis

Sharp Sunset. The Thorny Devil is a truly unique animal found only in the arid regions of Australia. A remarkable armour of thorns covers their entire body and they are even equiped with a false head to fool predators but, the most interesting thing about the, is the ability to drink via capillary action. Thorny Devils merely need to stand in a puddle and grooves in their skin will guide water to their mouths.

Vicki Ann McDonald

The Bird the Spider and the Snail. Australian Pipit, western Victoria, amidst the crops bokeh

Jennie Stock

Weaving. A male Southern Masked Weaver (Ploceus velatus) busy with the beginnings of a new nest.


Behind the curtain. In an inhabited cottage, a Strix aluco has brought its young to light in an attic, every night as soon as night falls mother Strix aluco begins her great effort to bring food, every time I pass her behind the curtain I see her silhouette circling, a great emotion to be able to document it.

Alan Virina Coligado

The rainbow connection.

Jos Laramie

Donna Crebbin

A Mothers Warmth. New addition to the Wild mob, seeking shelter in the folds of her mothers warmth

Simon Connolly

Watching me watching you . Every year humpback whales migrate to the warm safe waters of Tonga. It was an extremely humbling experience to be in the water with these gentle giants.

Peter Sharp

Waldo the Wombat.This is Waldo the Wombat. Commissioned by Sydney Wildlife but also captured as part of an ongoing personal project entitled 'All Creatures Great & Small’.

Helene Liakos


Belle Ciezak

Red Wattlebird. A fairly common bird in these parts, but lovely all the same.

Jannico Kelk

Too Cute, Too Small. The adorable Western Pygmy Possum can often be found in banksias and eucalyptus in the south-west corner of Western Australia. They're beautiful eyes full of expression light up like beacons when caught in the torch-light.

Smita Nashikkar

Cockatoos down under . Finally got to capture Australian native birds at their best. I have been noticing these birds since past 3-4 months coming to one spot near a reserve I regularly visit, but never got a chance to photograph them. Few days back, I spent about an hour watching them and caught some great moments in my camera.

Ruth Helena Woodrow

Atlantic Puffin.