Zoe Schepisi

Emu Tree - My favorite image to try and capture is the one that asks more questions than it answers, the one that creates a complex narrative despite its stillness. I aim to create visual stories that are suspended in time, and where the viewer is invited to provide explanation.

Luke Fazekas

Mother Mary - Mobile shot captured in Kazan Cathedral, Russia.

Glenn Homann

Glenn Homann

Kimberley Wallis

Hidden in ROM

Caroline Perryman

Living Art - I took this photo of my daughters, Amelie(11) & Angelique(9) at the National Gallery of Australia as we experienced the beautiful artwork.

Kristian Bell

Beached Gannet - A sad but strangely evocative scene with a dead gannet washed up on a beautiful sand beach. As I was out for an evening stroll and not on a photography trip all I had was my Samsung Galaxy S7 but the light was so good it still did a great job of capturing the poignancy and atmosphere.

Kay Armstrong

YOU'RE HARD TO HOLD - Self portrait

Glenn Homann

Steven Duncan

A few minutes at the bowling alley - Mobile image consisting of 1268 continuous separate frames taken from a single location in a technique mimicking the traditional slit-scan technique.

Joe Ruckli

Processed with VSCO with u5 preset

Glenn Homann

Javier Roldan Perez

Daily Dreamlands

Theresa Lee

Line Up - I was drawn to this line up of birds and was glad to have had my camera phone on hand. This moment was captured from a path overlooking the street lamp. As someone who cannot paint or draw, photography is an ideal medium for me to express my love of art. Composed in camera I then created a minimalist painting effect through high key B&W to reflect this urban space.

Douwe Dijkstra

Black Light - Sydney office worker enjoying the sun in the CBD's concrete jungle.

Glenn Homann

Kate Kennedy


Alex Lai

Processed with VSCOcam with b4 preset

Sandy Goddard

The fog

Josh Langley

Protest in the Rain - Taken looking out a window of a bus on a rainy day... A protest had been forming and the police had just moved the people off the street into the sidewalk to allow the traffic and the bus through.

Glenn Homann

Kimberley Wallis

The Endless Search of Self

Kimberley Wallis


Viki Murray

Days Like These, Boreen Point QLD - In some moments and places complete peace and connection with our environment can be found. To be able to freeze such moments is the true essence of photography. Boreen Point has such a serene beauty and stillness that I was compelled to capture.

Theresa Lee

Air Waves - These busy birds were captured with my handy mobile from a path overlooking the street lamp. As someone who cannot paint or draw, photography is an ideal medium for me to express my love of art. In editing I chose B&W with a red filter to accentuate the whites of the clouds and the dark outlines of all the birds.

Glenn Homann

Daniel Vaughan


Joe Ruckli

Processed with VSCO with fp4 preset

Sarah Fairbanks

Self portrait - Istanbul

Matthew Reilly

Kim Wallis

Yair Kellner

Last light fading before the storm - The sun and the The Sun Voyager in conversation, before a storm takes over, sending us all into the dark.

Richard Shirley


Tiffany Crews


Sarah Fairbanks

An unexpectedly wild Summer sea

Michael Bilbe-Taylor

Soho - A bench in Soho.

Kay Armstrong


Theresa Lee

Devotion - Inside this home lives Caroline with her many dogs. Just at this moment as Caroline popped outside, three of her dogs ran to the front door waiting for her return. Inspired by the interesting play of shadows created by the light beaming through the door I quickly reached for my phone camera to capture this moment of pure devotion.

Damian Pennyfield

Yamanote - Yamanote line in Tokyo services more than one million passengers each day. The honesty in the expression of this candid documentary photograph are truly striking. Taken on a Samsung Galaxy 8

Andrew Dickman

The Critic

Valerie Joy Kleindienst

Wind Blown - Wind blown trees on the Greek island of Rhodes

Garry Davies


Brett Loveridge

Mark Zed

The Holy Kabah at Mecca, Saudi Arabia -

Chaiwat Leelakajonkij


Melanie Robyn Jones

Country bubble

Amanda Kelly

Lost for words - When she finally arrived, the doctor says, “Can you see what it is?” I couldn’t speak, I was so overcome with emotion, I was lost for words.

Robyn Campbell


Mark Zed

The Prophets Mosque - Medina, Saudi Arabia

Alexandra Cearns

The Rider - A local horseman poses on his steed in Quito, Ecuador. Taken with a Huawei P20Pro mobile phone.

Rowena Meadows

Flamingo Dissection - This is a self portrait taken on a family holiday in Thailand. The legs of the flamingo are represented on top of it's body below. It symbolises the contrasting and disjointed aspects of my personality.

Francesca Donnoli


Jennifer Baird

Stairs at Apple - Something about a phone....at least the stairs are interesting

Penny Stephens

Saturday Morning - Chris, Molly and Mary, Saturday morning.

Tiffany Crews

Daydreaming Daisies


Butchers, Zanzibar - I only wish I could enable Smell-O-Vision. The smells in this food market were incredibly intense from seafood, barbeque smoke and blood. A far cry from my local supermarket.

Michael Wolfe


Stephen Barbour

Once Upon A Hospital Ward - This picture is of my brother and mother in a hospital ward with my father providing calm and love amidst the technology and machinery providing him just a little more family time before emphysema finally won his battle. I like the feel of the light in the window and the warmth of the photo.

Alexandra Cearns

Praise Be - An open air church session is held in Quito, Ecuador. Taken with a Huawei P20Pro mobile phone.

Anita Barry

The age of the Insta-Model, New York - Walking along the streets of Manhattan I came across a girl taking another girl's pic. They were getting the pose absolutely right, I'm sure to post of a social media site such as Instagram.

Melissa Anderson

Nurin syaza Sarbini

The Orb of Clarity - When everything seems dark and unmotivated, we all need to believe in ourselves, to see through ourselves. To find our true self. To find Clarity.

Vicki White

Abandoned Life - This is an old abandoned power station in Fremantle, south of Perth - a great spot for any type of photographer, sunset, graffiti, buildings, beach sunrise and reflections! It was my first visit and a came away with a camera roll of shots! Shot on iPhone.

William Murray



Harvesting Happiness, Tanzania - This was a happy moment. I jumped out of our vehicle as I spotted this young farming couple harvesting their sunflower seeds on the side of a dirt road in the middle of Majiri district, Tanzania. Their energy and spirit caught my attention. Their laughter was so infectious - I smile everytime I look at this photo. It takes me back.

Freya Lamont

Midday Phone Call, Aswan, Egypt - I quickly snapped this image of a man mid phone call in Aswan, Egypt. He was walking briskly in the 40 degree heat past the outer walls of the iconic Old Cataract Hotel.

Michael Wolfe

Suhas Kulkarni

The Life - Shot purposely direct in the sun, this picture was real representation of life - human and nature - and the energy that keeps us moving. Samsung Galaxy S8 camera, photo resized to meet the competition requirement

Laura Del Miglio

It was you - A sulphur crested cockatoo in its final resting place.

Chaiwat Leelakajonkij



Time Out, Zanzibar - Fishermen taking some deserved time out on a Sunday evening. It’s amazing that despite the hardship spent on the seas, they are still drawn to spend time with each other around boats during their time off.

Raewyn Owen

Isobelle Pover

Morning light - Whippets on an early morning run, Umina Beach

Jeanne Pursehouse


Rachel Macreadie

Morning Motivation