Cathy Ronalds

Foreign Places. Travel is packed with action and wonder. But it is the in between moments that equally fascinate me: the waiting in strange places, those long pauses we don’t normally experience in day to day life, where our senses are heightened by cultural differences. We had stayed in a remote part of Albania, I had just woken our daughter early for the ferry. She recalibrated her senses in this strange place.

Glenn Hunt

Townsville Floods. Frank Pery stands on his street in Railway Estate after checking on neighbours during the 2019 Townsville Floods.

Christopher Hopkins

Piltenggi. Seven year old Indigenous boy Piltenggi Roach lives with Cerebral Palsy. In spite of his mother Lowanna's efforts advocating for him on so many fronts, including writing to MPs at state and federal levels, he is not getting his most basic needs met under the NDIS plan.

Amy Philp

Pippa’s BIRTH. She’s here! After hours and hours and hours of labour and months of anticipation. Pippa entered the world into her Mothers arms. You can sense the overwhelm of love, relief and complete exhaustion of both Mum and Dad! She’s here!


Woman Mursi. The Mursi tribe are an African tribe from the isolated Omo valley in Southern Ethiopia near the border with Sudan. The photo is part of the album "Ethiopian tribes expedition" 2018

Mridula Amin

Nauruan children play by the phosphate cantilever. This shot was part of a series investigating Nauru's relationship with Australia, in particular, its dependence on running offshore immigration processing stories as its previous prosperity with phosphate declines. With no other options left - the crumbling and barren nation is completely dependant on Australia. Here kids play at a local beach with a broken phosphate cantilever in the sea.

Asif Hussein

The Love Triangle. Widowed grandmother sitting on the child’s bed as he sleeps. She is going through photos of her late husband on her iPad. The shadow behind her symbolises his presence protecting her. At the same time she is the dinosaur and she is the child’s toy. The past , the present and the future. "THE LOVE TRIANGLE”

Meredith O'Shea

Australia's Amish. The McCallums are one of Australia's only Amish family. They live a private, low-technology and socially-isolated life. I talked openly about myself; they knew a lot about me quickly and embraced me. Pictured here the family hoe the paddock regularly. They lap up the last of the day's sunlight. The kids then run through the paddocks and play in the long grass squealing in delight.

Kirran Shah

The Offering. On the banks of the Ganges River, a young girl cries as she has her head shaved as an offering during the Shiva festival in Varanasi, India.

Meredith O'Shea

Dark . Pictured here is 6 year old Francesca with her beloved pet Blue Tongue Lizard “Dark” . She often paints her body with stripes and dark colours so she can be the same as him. She carries him everywhere with her. She cuddles him with no top on as she tells me he likes the warmth of her body. Quite often I have to remove him of a night as she tries to take him to bed with her.

Jake Nowakowski

Nicole Guns.Widow Nicole Guns sits in the spot where her late husband Justin White would sheer sheep. Justin took his own life amid the drought and huge farm debt in January.

Meredith O'Shea

Mary . The McCallums are one of Australia's only Amish family. They live a private, low-technology and socially-isolated life. I talked openly about myself; they knew a lot about me quickly and embraced me. Mary,10, sits and reads quietly in her room which she shares with her 5 sisters.


The Scene. this is a photo captured in a French/Italian's wedding. A pure moment of joy and interaction between everybody. The mayor (Italian background) is singing a Karaoke with the Italian aunty, the Italian bride's mother is having another glass of wine, one of the Italian bride's uncle is having a sleep while everybody (French and Italians) are having a great time in the back.

Andy Cheung

Undeterred by the Shifting Environment.Commissioned by the UK Tennis Magazine: Wimbledon, Great Britain - July 8: Rafael Nadal of Spain at the Round 4 Match during Day 7 on 8 July 2019 at The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC), Great Britain.

Raeline & Matt Smith

Megafuana Removal. The sheer size of the Finn Whale carcass is shown in comparison to the semi trailers that were lined up to take it away from its last place of rest. The carcass had to be literally torn and cut apart to be loaded on to the trucks for removal from the beach in front of the small beach community on the south coast of Western Australia.

Jill Velinos

Waiting for treatment. Vincent was admitted to hospital after being bitten on the face by a spider. He sits on the bed, anxiously waiting for the Paediatrician to assess him.

Alexander Housalas

Cloud Atlas. The ocean like space is a deep, complex and subtle realm. In both we feel tiny and powerless and yet eternal and tranquil. The sea’s energy is straightforwardly dangerous and we are never really in charge, yet we dismiss all of the risks for the euphoria of abandoning gravity momentarily to transcend into weightlessness for a rare fleeting moment.

Belle Verdiglione Photography

Our Rainbow Baby is finally here. Claire and Dem along with older sister Aliyah and Grandmother, welcome baby Zander born at the Family Birth Centre. Zander is a "rainbow baby" - a term to describe a baby born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death.

Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd

The Early Years. A documentary portrait of motherhood. An endlessness, a fullness, constant change and motion. Jes and her sons, 2019.

Alex Coppel

Watching Nima and Dawa.Conjoined twins Nima and Dawa lie in their hospital bed, in Thimphu, Bhutan. Nima and Dawa required international aid for their successful surgery in Australia. As another young patient watched over them, the image captured the intensity, which had driven us so it could be shared with the world, instantly focusing attention on saving them.

Kerry Faulkner

Saturday ‘arvo’ at the Party House 2. At the group of houses that make up the squat, there are drug-and-alcohol free houses and then there’s the party house across the road. They partied hard there last night; the bulldozers after all come in a day or two, so there are a lot of goodbyes to be said. Here Marius soaks up the rays and Leon decorates the roof.

Melissa Bernard

Chores. My son was doing one of his chores of wiping up when I glanced over and saw the light streaming onto him through the kitchen venetian blinds. This perfectly captures our everyday life in the Summer afternoons of sheltering in the air conditioned house, with minimal clothing on, while the Australian summer temperatures soar outside.

Mark Forbes

Yield. This series is a documentary of the monolithic and sometimes brutalist consumer environments that are built with increasing frequency around us. In these worlds, where customer spending is paramount, and ongoing economic growth seems vital to our modern sense of security the suburban shopping centre is commonplace.

Emma Perry

Xanthorrhoea and the Union Jack. The iconic Australian native grass tree

aidan williams

Inferno. 'Inferno' showcases the tough nature of balancing at great heights on merely a one inch piece of loose Nylon webbing. Whilst being Surrounded by an Inferno. United Kingdom resident Sarah Rixham Highlines during a Fireworks event in Zurich, Switzerland. Watched on by over two million viewers.

Andrew Peacock


Belle Ciezak

Bath Time. The kids are a bit older now, so I don't have to sit by the bath anymore. I was keeping an eye on them from upstairs though and just loved the light and shadows and lines. Then the cat wandered through and it's just a perfect moment captured.

Michael Franchi

Nomadic Spacing.As the chilly dry season mornings of the Top End come around so do the tourists marching into the Northern Territory aboard plane, ship or car, perhaps even a donkey or two. ? The swimming holes fill up whether they be the warming springs of Mataranka or the chilly waterholes shrouded in shade growing ever colder each morning leaving little room for a solitude visit to the beauty of the tropics.

Ms Nancye J Miles-Tweedie

Mourning the Marri. They continue to ignore the climate emergency and extinction crisis that outdates these appalling practices in our environment.

Rowena Meadows

Horse and Girl in Ohakune. London plays on a tyre swing in the yard of her family's holiday cottage in Ohukune, New Zealand.

Alison Stewart

Storm Children. A play on the beach in Australia turned wild as we watched a massive storm approach

Yanni Dellaportas

Firezilla. Bushfires are all too prevalent in Australia and when this fire, which started on the freeway below the bridge overpass decided to grow into a monster, the bravery of the local fire brigade was put to the test as they struggled to control it.

James Michael Ross

MEXICO-UNITED STATES BORDER WALL..An inverted American flag is seen tied to the Mexico-United States boarder wall as a Honduran migrant peers into the US in Tijuana, Mexico, December 5, 2018. Personally, this image aptly depicts the ongoing struggle within the American Political system where President Donald Trump’s concentration has been particularly focused on political symbolism rather than reforming migration policy.

Shelley Reis

One Summer 2. I shot this image of my daughter playing with the hose on a stifling hot Summer's afternoon. I enjoyed watching the water spout from the hose, and unpredictably arc, dance about in the sky and collapse nearly as much as she enjoyed cooling herself down.

Karen Waller

Drought, Sacrifice and Velvetine Ears. In times of drought and when conditions are harsh, a female kangaroo may sacrifice her joey to ensure her own survival. She may have multiple babies at different stages of development in her pouch at one time. The joey in this image was still without fur except for the soft velvet ears and it was only recently deceased.


Harsh life. This man lies motionless while others pass by. No one stops to check on him or offer assistance. The occasional person has a giggle and keeps moving after a busy market day in this remote town in Southern Ethiopia.

Jeanne Wood

Marilyn Jetty Swim. As my daughter was on a long road through fighting breast cancer, she and her twin sister joined in this amazing event which helps raise funds for the Cancer Council SA. A bold group of Marilyns, both men and women splash their way around the Brighton Jetty raising awareness and money, all dressed up as Marilyn Monroe. A sight to see !

Belle Ciezak

Getting Ready For Ballet Class. The show must go on, broken arm or not! She dreams of one day being a ballerina so a broken arm was just a small annoyance and didn't interfere with ballet lessons too much.

Darrian Traynor

The young at heart.Protestors and Police clash during rallies in St Kilda January 05 . on January 05, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia.

Julie Kerbel

Nelson. On a walk through Orange Grove informal settlement in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, I came across Nelson, a frail, elderly gentleman, who sits outside his shack with his loyal companion every day, greeting those who pass by for some company. He allowed me to go inside his humble home and his sense of pride and dignity really moved me, as he owns so few possessions in the world.

Melanie Fisher

Floating in love . Only moments after birth, a newborn baby lays safe and protected in his mother and fathers arms.

Gaanesh Prasad

Come on Mate You can do it. Clicked at an Invictus Game, it was an inspiring moment to see and capture the frame when the winner had crossed the winning line and motiviating other participant to finish the race

Kelly Jordan

First Breaths. Those very first breaths captured in the euphoric moment of birth.

Kane Chenoweth

Culture. A young gumatj boy being prepared for an evening of bunggul (traditional ceremonial dance) by close relative Russell Gurruwiwi in East Arnhem Land, NT.

Sarah Jenkins

Karo man with his Kalashnikov AK-47. In a remote Kara tribe area in Southern Ethiopia, out of the forest, where we had set up camp, appeared this somewhat fearsome looking man. Karo men paint their faces with white natural paint to look menacing and command respect. Many of the Kara tribe carry Kalashnikov AK-47 guns to use to fight off any inter-tribal conflicts over stealing of cattle or land issues.

Andrew Lance

Australian Cowboys. A cowboy and his horse explode into action at the Bungendore Rodeo in New South Wales

Albertus M Yudhistira

Trance. The picture was taken in Central Java, Indonesia. It was a very hectic situation when one of the "jathilan" traditional dancers was "possessed" by a spirit and became uncontrollable. The dance is usually performed by a group of men and ends when some of them enter a trance, which they are get possessed by spirits.

William Guthrie

Exercise Talisman Sabre 2019 .Members of 16th Regiment armed with their RBS-70 watch over the battle field as two US Army Apache Attack helicopters demonstrate their capability at Shoalwater Bay Training Area in Central Queensland.

Catherine Grey

Ellie goes for gold.. Ellie Fry, what a tough nut she is. Ellie is 18 and both of her parents have passed away. She puts all her efforts into boxing now, “I might be having a bad day but once I get into the gym, nothing else matters - I lose myself in boxing and it might sound weird but I also feel closest to my parents when I am out there.”

Alexander Housalas

The Blind leading. The ocean like space is a deep, complex and subtle realm. In both we feel tiny and powerless and yet eternal and tranquil. The sea’s energy is straightforwardly dangerous and we are never really in charge, yet we dismiss all of the risks for the euphoria of abandoning gravity momentarily to transcend into weightlessness for a rare fleeting moment.

Juan Paulo Magpayo

Sleepless Leaves. This photo may not be the most aesthetically pleasing but it has definitely struck me and made me think about taking the shot in the first place. I was once asked about this photo "has this shot improved his life?" I answered back "no, it hasn't but he has helped us find more meaning in ours."

Ilana Rose

You Only Live Once.A displaced youth residing at the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Tomping Protection of Civilians (POC) Site in Juba with a monument complete with rifle, summing up the refugee experience within the camp; ‘You only live once, and the way I lived, once is enough’.

Pier Carthew

Married. As pictured, the expression on the brides face was frightened for the entire ceremony, while the groom, seemingly unaware, went about his business as usual. 27% of girls in India are married before their 18th birthday and 7% are married before the age of 15. According to UNCIEF, India has the highest absolute number of child brides in the world - 15,509,000.

Christopher Hopkins

Out of the Furnace. Tynong resident Vanessa Costello leads her two horses- Duck and Fuzzy - out of the Bunyip State Park bushfire. The fire would destroy 29 homes and burn more than 100,000 hectares. It was a ten kilometre walk to saftey for Vanessa, Duck and Fuzzy, one that wasnt helped by the fact that "I have the slowest walking horse in history. I dont think he has walked this far in his life!"

Kelly Jordan

Caught Between Two Worlds. The moment of birth when baby is half born.

Andrew Jarvie

At Last. Just a few weeks after same sex marriage was legalised in Australia I was asked to photograph Lance and Timothy's wedding. We had many wonderful shots planned in the forest and parkland around their home but on the day we had one of the worst storms of the year hit Brisbane. But then just after the ceremony a sliver of rainbow appeared and it was almost as if it were meant to be.

Shelley Reis

Every day is children's day . A candid portrait of my four year old daughter as she lay in the sun on the veranda concrete one Summer morning.

Steve Cook

When the Music's Over. Image from the Bindoon Coffin Cheaters series.

Kerry Faulkner

Zoran of the Beautiful Sharman Hut . Zoran is part of a community of Fremantle activists whose ‘squat’ homes collectively make-up Earthship Freo and are about to be bulldozed for the highway widening. Like many here, he prefers living on the fringe despite having few luxuries; there is no power or water. He particularly like his tiny hut which he shares with his timid black cat Rascal who’s hiding under the bed.

Simon Connolly

Local knowledge . Living with a Tongan family on a remote island meant finding food to eat was a daily ritual. On this occasion my wife holds the bucket while Olivia shows us the techniques for finding scallops.

Marty Walker

untitled (North Katoomba). Children at play on a warm summer afternoon. All it takes is chips, a trampoline and a hose.

tony law

Airborne horse. A man riding on a horse in a rodeo event at Goulbourn, Australia

Belle Verdiglione

The Surrogate Birth of Jack. Kate was born without a uterus and was told she would never have children. Kate witnesses the birth of her biological son, Jack, carried and birthed by a surrogate, Michelle. This is the moment when Kate meets her son and Michelle gives baby Jack over to Kate.

Kathryn MacPhee

Woman of Steel. The noise increases to a deafening roar as the locomotive thunders past the shanties located next to the railway track. Unable to sustain her family, this woman had moved to the city of Dhaka in search of work. The passing train does not faze her; she has cooked on this fire endless times.


If mothers were flowers. My grandmother holding the hand of my father and myself repeating the words "If mothers were flowers I'd pick you" that are embroided on a pillow that my father gave to her. Fragments of memory and hope.

jason o'brien

' the fox ' . Josh Addo Carr of the Melbourne Storm prepares for battle during the NRL Magic Round Rugby League Match against the Parramatta Eels at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane on 11th May 2019.

Duane Bridger

They've put a stingray under my bed. This image was taken in the early hours. I woke and noticed Darren's light was on and I went to check if he was okay. I was confronted with this scene. When I asked what was going on he said 'the voices' had put a stingray under his bed and wouldn't let him sleep in it.

Ian Christopher Otto

Fire Light. The traditions and ceremonies of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church carry on today as they have for centuries, in the rock hewn churches of Lalibela Ethiopia.

Luke Fazekas

Smoko. Maureen, full-time carer for her father, takes five.

Andy Cheung

The Most Elegant Backhand in the Industry.Commissioned by the UK Tennis Magazine: Wimbledon, Great Britain - July 12: Roger Federer of Switzerland at the Gentlemen's Singles Semifinal Match during Day 11 on 12 July 2019 at The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC), Great Britain.

Angela Petersen

Too eager to be born at 34 weeks. Baby boy decided to put mum into labour two weeks before the csection was booked in.


Omo Valley Ari tribe. In Ethiopia 13 million children live in poor households with 2 million living in extreme poverty.

Jason McNamara

Clyde & Mary. Clyde & Mary sitting at their kitchen table in Ipswich Queensland.

Darrian Traynor

Nazi.Right wing protestors are seen during rallies in St Kilda January 05 . on January 05, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia

Guy Havell

Suburban Abandonment. Once an idyllic holiday playground for the rich and famous, the Salton Sea region of California’s Imperial Valley is now largely a toxic, apocalyptic wasteland of decay and abandonment caused by human neglect and government environmental mismanagement spanning many decades.

Emma Schlachter

The Rodeo Prayer. A cowboy at the Cooma Rodeo kneels in prayer, hoping his ride (and time on the ground) will be over soon

Benjamin Hogan

Yamuna River, Agra, India.. Outside the high walls of the Taj Mahal lies Agra, a grimy city of more than 1.5 million inhabitants. The Yumuna River runs through Agra and is India’s most polluted. Its water is not fit for any human use, including bathing. It is so over-extracted upstream that it no longer flows for long periods of the year, forming muddy puddles of plastic, sewage and industrial waste.

Merlyn Cantwell

One last time, Uluru, NT. Tourists climb Australia's most famous natural feature, Uluru, before the treacherous track closes for good in October 2019. A total of 37 people have lost their lives whilst attempting the strenuous climb.

Emily Clarke

The Emotional Journey of a Bodybuilder. This moment captures the story of this young man's 16 week bodybuilding journey consisting of strict dieting, strength training, sacrifice, dedication, motivation and grit.... All for this one day, the bodybuilding show day! On this day, I captured a series of images documenting the emotional journey on competition day - the emotion, the dedicated mindset, the self-confidence and the focus!

Angela Petersen

Between two worlds. Baby boy born via csection safe into mums arms

Angela Petersen

Here hearthside safe at last. 24hrs at a birth ending in a csection

Belle Verdiglione

The Birth of Oliver. Supported by her friend and midwife, a young mother uses nitrous oxide gas at the time of crowning. The baby's dad prepares to catch his son.

Franck Boulay

Surviving Haiti Earthquake. Port au Prince in Haiti was devastated during the Earth Quake of 2010. I was working there with an NGO during the emergency’s response. So many people have lost everything, some, sole survivor of an entire family. Surviving despair was a daily battle for most. I never met people more resilient to adversity than Haitians.

Ian Christopher Otto

Marching in the Rain.The 2018 Australian Defence Force Academy Graduation Parade was a very wet affair. Adopted at two and the first Ethiopian born Australian to graduate from ADFA as a Pilot Officer. Couldn't help but think of the amazing Ethiopian man who kept our son alive in Ethiopia after his birth parents died, who was twice denied a tourist visa to come to Australia to witness the graduation.

Michael Rayment

The meeting. From the series - Not a camp. The Headmaster of Twajiji Primary School in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement in Northern Uganda, addresses a group of community members at a weekly meeting.


Farewell. My father holds my grandmother's feeble hand. She doesn't know him.

Alice Mariette

Sink Boy. As my Mr 4 ran and played, I took photos of his shadow. I love how his little shadow lined up perfectly with the sink's in this shot.

Ms Nancye J Miles-Tweedie

Rising a Stink. The children are demanding climate justice for everyone NOW — asking us to look within, recognise our own power, and face what is happening together.

Adam Resch

Australian Draught. We hear very little in the media about the the draught in Australia. This image was taken in outback South Australia and to me portrays how harsh the effect of the draught has become.

Franck Boulay

Hiri Lagatoi-Motu expedition Boat. The Hiri Moale Festival is celebrated each year during Independence Day of Papua New Guinea. The Lakatoi are Motu double-hulled sailing boat. The Motu people live along the Southern coastal part of Papua New Guinea. Hiri is the name given to the traditional trade voyages that once was an important part of the culture of the Motu people.

Yanni Dellaportas

Hollywood Dream.Hollywood can be a place of fantasy for some and a harsh reality for others. I saw this scene happen near Hollywood Boulevard and from across the street I tried to capture the moment.

Sharron Leppien

Taxi Brousse Breakdown.. Taxi Brousse's are the life line of Madagascar. They come in many shapes and sizes and are always jam packed full of people and goods. The truck in the centre of the road is broken down so the transference of Malagasy people and their belongings to the replacement taxi brousse is taking place as the sun is setting.

Narelle Carter

The Riverman. Bill has lived his life on the river and his story is lined in his face. Taken on Kodak TMax 400

Susan Astor-Smith

Street protests in Paris. The noise from the fireworks and smoke bombs in a street protest in Paris made this observer block his ears.

Andrew McNeill

One Way For Climate. A climate action protester dressed for the occasion. Brisbane 2019

Stanley Aryanto

sholat eid. This was taken in Jakarta during Sholat Eid. Muslim community pray right after the fasting period to thank the god for helping them to resist thirst, hunger and temptation

Franck Boulay

Colours in the Darkness. The Boulevard Jean Jacque Dessaline in Port au Prince in Haiti was badly devastated during the Earth Quake of 2010. I was working with an NGO during the emergencies response A couple of weeks after the main event, life was restarting amount the rubbles.

Sarah Duguid

Open Bull at the Kununurra Campdraft and Rodeo . Brodie Bean is getting ready to ride Open Bull at the Kununurra Campdraft and Rodeo. Kununurra is a small town in the remote East Kimberley region of Western Australia. I love the timeless qualities that black and white have and believe it suits my subjects perfectly. The rider's are mostly from the many outback stations. Winning a belt means something here and they ride hard to win one.

Andrew Peacock

Family portrait.At the remote village of Gasa in Bhutan hundreds of people gather for the annual festival which is as much a social occasion as a religious event. Hidden away from the crowds and at the very top of the monastery where the festival was being held an extended family had been eating lunch on the flagstones of the courtyard. Afterwards they took it in turn to take family photos.

Susan Astor-Smith

Participants in a Paris street protest. Smoke and noise fill the air as participants and observers gather for a protest in the streets of Paris