Cara O'Dowd

We Are Women. I wanted the image to resemble a painting, almost reminiscent of a paint swatch. One among many shades. We are women, in all our shapes and sizes and scars and stories. I wanted to reduce the graphic impact of so much skin, so at a glance you would see a wash of paint, on further inspection you would see the lines, and then so much more.

Tony Hewitt

Farley Webb

Charles Foulsham

Port Botany.

Dianne Kelsey


Anna Luscombe


Dianne Kelsey


Jo Kalinowski


Krystle Ricci

Roses. Glamis Castle roses during lockdown. Refinding beauty in plain sight.

Todd Kennedy

Suffering, suffocating. An experience empathy with the wildlife caught innocently suffocating in our plastic waste, a trio invest one hour of suffering at the oceans edge to gain a personal insight into wildlife's plight.

Kris Anderson

Schadenfreude. `````````````````````````````````````````````````````

Emma Perry

2/9 - Today I burnt the toast'. From my personal series documenting Melbourne's second lockdown 'This time it's different'

Vanja Radisic

The greatest fear, 2019 . This image is about grief, loss and fear. After losing my dad, I often find myself paralysed by the thought of my mother passing away. They say that the time heals all wounds, but I'd say it just gives us time to contemplate and come to terms with the inevitable. The two portraits were taken at different times/years: mine closely following the death of my dad in 2011, and mum's in 2019.

Ruth Woodrow

Melbourne in Isolation

Krystle Ricci

Botanica. During lockdown my garden has been a constant source of healing, inspiration and connection to my ancestors. Even in death their is beauty.

Franca Turrin

Ignis flora .

Dianne Kelsey


Renee Coster

Cured Contour. Cured Contour comes from my recent series - Beauty Myth. Exploring themes of female identity and self-image, Beauty Myth is a photographic social-commentary series; employing symbols, signs and pop-cultural references to articulate expectations sold to women through advertising and media.

Stellar Beth Fraser

Wheatbelt Magic. Image captured via DJI Phantom 4 Pro of Western Australia's amazing wheatbelt salt lakes.

Steph Connell

Altered. Finding freedom in a new landscape.

Angela Robertson-Buchanan

Mr & Mrs Magpie.

Jo Howell

The ants go marching one by one..

Kahdi Shah


Anna Luscombe

One in Five.

Chris Dark

Not to be sold, used or changed in any way without express written permission

Krystle Ricci

Moth orchids. During lockdown my garden has been a constant source of healing, inspiration and connection to my ancestors. Even in death their is beauty.

Chris Bekos

One Way.

Jo Howell

Christine Rocher

The Ghosts of her departed leaves. This image is resonant of the ailing body. Losing agility as we age.

Benjamin Liew

Suxing Zhang

The light burns me down.. Selected from photo series "Sah? World". “Sah? world” refers to the mundane world in Buddhism – a world where beings live. Using the approach of diptych and visual metaphors, I try to explore interactions between the concept of “an ego, a personality, a being, and a life” documented in the “Diamond Sutra”, through the connections between the two worlds that are seemingly different, yet analogous.

Olivia Vincent


Genevieve Ackland

Trickle Down Sparkle of a Life Someone Once Said Would . 'It has now been Eight years Of trying to whistle away The hole in my heart.' This image was captured in September 2020, on double exposed 35mm film.

Kristian Piccoli

The Holocaust Survivor.

Christine Houston


Peter Berzanskis


Danielle Benson

Paul “The Visionary". This is a portrait of my Optometrist who has been practicing his profession for over 30 years. He has such a wonderful manner and personality when working with clients, but also a great sense of humour. I have always been fascinated by the equipment that they use, and wanted to show Paul as not only an optometrist, but with a bit of personality and fun.

Benjamin Liew

Chilli Oil.

Afshin Jafari

The Mind Game.

Jessica Wiseman

The Paradox.

Ashley Mackevicius

Rail yards. Moss Vale.

Steve Day

Music Hall.

Jackie Winkelman


Federico Rekowski

"Dreams of a Summer Night".

Matthew Peter Cheel

JOES DINER. Have you ever met someone whose personality stormed in, brought light, oxygen, joy and pure life itself? You know, there are two types of people-ones who live their lives, & ones whose lives live them. You need to be the former, not the latter. Don’t wait for inspiration's shove or society's kiss on your forehead. Stay connected and you will flourish.

Tina Wilkins

Reflection. There's a garden in the front of a converted shopfront near the end of our local shopping strip. It's designed to be enjoyed from the inside and the foliage presses up against the big opaque window on the street. I've walked past it hundreds of times, this is what it looked like during Melbourne's lockdown.

Mat Beetson

Dancing Mangroves. Two Mangroves on the mudflats. Intentional Camera Movement. GFX50r + 100-200mm OIS.

Kym Douglas

Liquid Sculpture.

Forough Yavari

Afshin Jafari


Chris Bekos

Lone Home. Compressing many moments into a single frame, the Lone Home is balanced between representation of reality and the so-called realities we choose to notice. Scenes that maybe familiar, and at the same time utterly foreign.

Jackie Winkelman

Swan Lake No.1.

Dianne Kelsey


Peter Berzanskis

Heavenly Stairs.

Peter Berzanskis

Lead Zepplin.

Peta Jones

Helmet. Peta Jones Helmet 2019 digital print

Charles Foulsham


Angela Robertson-Buchanan

The Audition. A fun little photo montage featuring a Scarlet Honeyeater "auditioning" to join the band "The Honeyeaters" Existing band members are: Yellow-faced, White-naped and Scarlet.

Jacqueline Hammer

To Enter or Not.

Renee Doyle

Tag - You're It.

Chris Dark

Yanni Dellaportas

Blue Mackaw.

Todd Kennedy

Plastic cemetary. A living art project in 2019 Burning Man, Nevada. One plastic sheet is exectly equivalent to 24 weeks of invisible microplastic ingestion through food, water and air, based on recent studies. The invisible polution made visible by totalling the consumption and displaying it individually over 24 volunteers. They suffered under the desert sun feeling the intangible made tangible.

Marea Reed

God was laughin' when he made women. From the ongoing series, A Version of the World, interpreting literature dear to me, this work depicts Rose Pickles, from Tim Winton's Cloudstreet. In post war Australia, teenage Rose longs to escape her dysfunctional family and the rambling, ramshackle seaside house they share with the Lamb family. Sunshine and shadows are everywhere.

Benjamin Liew

Bird study: Budgie in flight.

Nathan Milner

Outcast. Outcast is an on going series that explores dealing with the loneliness we experience as humans. The subject is covered to remove the identity which generalises the experience for the viewer, while working with sombre, natural landscapes to portray a feeling of isolation. There are common themes throughout each image including, vulnerability, existentialism, and the vastness of nature.

Ben Harmon

Quartz Hill. Prior to the colonisation of Australia, Dja Dja Wurrung land was lush and fertile. Rich top soils, wildflowers, tall gums and native wildlife were abundant. The devastating effects of the Gold Rush in Central Victoria during the 1850s can be witnessed most clearly in the Castlemaine Goldfields. It’s polarising to see the beautiful landscape gouged and scared. The land is resilient but wounded.

Christine Rocher

Walking into the unknown. How 2020 has changed our lives, how different is the world going to be moving forward.

Samantha Jones

Caroline Trenfield

Wet Currawong. It was snowing hard in Tasmania this Currawong was sheltering on my verandah.

Judi Neumann

The Blue Bird.

Wanda Lach

The road to somewhere. Sometimes travel isn't about a destination

Theresa Lee

Petticoat Beauty. Finding similarities in the texture and form between my subject’s delicate lace garment and a fully bloomed chrysanthemum inspired me to create a harmonious diptych through a monochrome composition.

Katherine Hill

Floating Tulip.

Chris Bekos

Lone Home. Compressing many moments into a single frame, the Lone Home is balanced between representation of reality and the so-called realities we choose to notice. Scenes that maybe familiar, and at the same time utterly foreign.