David Dare Parker

Sunday 12th November 2017. After 16 - 20 days waiting on the Myanmar border, Rohingya refugees cross the Naf River into Bangladesh using eight makeshift rafts made out of bamboo and plastic palm oil containers.

Melissa Anderson

Stephen Blake

Illuminated by the surgical light, newborn Honor stretches for the first time after being delivered by cesarian section seconds ago.

Joshua Morris

Pepa Molina is a flamenco dancer, and instructor who was conducting an artistic residency at Residential Gardens - a Spanish speaking Nursing home located in Rooty hill, in Sydney's Western Suburbs. The work 'Perceptions' explores intuitive understanding, cultural stereotypes & cliches through the language of Flamenco and was developed as part of the Blacktown Arts creative residencies program.

Matthew Abbott

Jane Sale, exciting the yards after a long day sorting cattle at Bulka Station. Jane is recovering from PTSD after being violently mauled by a breakaway bull. Earlier in the day Jane was supervising a cattle stock school with new recruits, a 50:50 split of women and men.

Brian Hodges

Gulu, Uganda

Marta Yebra Alvarez

There is scientific evidence that nature is good for kids. Unfortunately, today's technology jungle and modern life make it difficult for parents to fit more nature time into their children's life. This photo is a vindication of the rights of children to play in nature.

Larry Chew

A generational paper maker, continunes the family business, preparing the pulp and starch mulch. He than spreads the mixture onto a bamboo screen to be air dried, for use in their monasteries for manuscripts and writing prayers. The entire process taking three days of continual work.

Victoria Berekmeri

Grandmother becomes the Midwife - Accidental Home Birth

Victoria Reid

This work explores notions of identity creation and the important influence father's have on their sons.

Joshua Morris

Whilst holidaying in Canberra I had been drawn to the facade of a nearby motel. After passing the shot on one day, I returned the next at sunset, and was snapping away when Mick wandered out. With the good fortune of a person with no pressing deadline, I was at liberty to have a long conversation - opening with the line "What brings you here?" and hearing his life's story unfold as the sun set.

Ross Duggan

Peter Mack

Julie Kerbel

Our Australian girls swimming team willing their final swimmer in at the Maccabiah Games finals in Israel, 2017. The agony and ecstasy of those final strokes was telling on everyone's faces.

Nicole Marie

Sharron Leppien

A favourite activity of the children that live under the giant Madagascan Baobab Trees.

Kip Scott

The Chittagong Ship Breaking Yard is the site of the world's largest ship breaking industry and accounts for a fifth of all the steel in Bangladesh. As a photographer I have always been drawn to the industrial, the nobility and danger of work, and the nature of impermanence. There is an industrial beauty and quietness in the rustic colours of the aged and dying ships.

Kamil Sustiak

A BASE jumper captured in the middle of the free fall of the summit of Frenchmans Cap in the remote Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park in Tasmania.

Nick Hinch

Seiya Taguchi

St. Peter’s Basilica. A relic that reflects a time when the church’s influence was absolute; it is now known to most as a tourist attraction. In the place of such decadence, are the simple prayers of the faithful still heard?

Belle Verdiglione

Stillbirth is still birthIn a dark hospital room, a grieving mother holds her 23 week stillborn baby girl in her arms and waits to deliver the placenta.

Alexander Housalas

Alexander Housalas

RitualsCOAST DWELLERS is an ongoing long term photographic project that began in 2015 with the intention of capturing the influence of the sea on Australian culture and how it shapes our identity.

Ross Duggan

Jillian Velinos

Pickled chilliesAngela, my husbands mother, at home preparing pickled chillies

Bruno Ferreira

The Decisive MomentImage of WBO Oceania featherweight champion Luke 'Action' Jackson, defending his title in Hobart, Tasmania March 2017. Luke will take on Carl Frampton in Belfast, Ireland on August 18 this year, for the world title.

Benjamin Liew

It's not rocket science... #2After a couple of hours in surgery, the brain tumour behind the patients eye is finally removed by Dr Charlie Teo and his team. Originally around the size of a golf ball, the tumour now without a blood supply has shrunk.

Rachel Main

Bulldawg at The Next LevelBulldawg is considered a 'newgen' in the Krump world. A new generation Krumper who is beginning his journey into the culture of this street dance. Like his name suggests, he takes on the characteristics of a bulldog, bringing powerful chest pops and a ferocity into his rounds.

Jane Zhang

Belle Verdiglione

The Birth of FableAn ordinary day in the life of an Australian neuro-diverse family who welcome baby Fable into their home.

Philip Cerbu

Remembering a friendThe picture was taken in the small village of Avram Iancu in Romania. It was a crisp winters morning when Gheorghe made his way to the local cemetery to pay his respects and remember a dear friend that past away a few months’ prior.

Rachael Lee Willis

Alexander Housalas

COAST DWELLERS is an ongoing long term photographic project that began in 2015 with the intention of capturing the influence of the sea on Australian culture and how it shapes our identity

Benjamin Liew

It's not rocket science... #1Dr Charlie Teo performs life saving brain surgery.

Susi Nodding

Boddington Rodeo

Sandy Goddard

The toss

Brent Lukey

Flinders Street Railway Station, Melbourne.

Benjamin Liew

It's not rocket science... #4These are the final stitches after each layer of flesh is stitched up following the removal of a brain tumour behind a patients eye. Dr Charlie Teo skilfully and confidently applies each stitch with as much care and precision that he took to make the first cuts at the beginning of the procedure.

Emma Wright

The excursionTehran school girls on an excursion to the National Museum of Iran.

Mark Forbes

In the CityA double exposure shot on 35mm film. A lot of the photography that I shoot is trying to capture a specific moment or scene. This project is about creating the moment or constructing a feeling by combining the photos. Whether it is the combination of words and a related scene, or overlaying two images that have a good feeling together - that is the aim of these series.

Snezana Knezevic

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Natalia Mroz

ContemplationA priest reads, murmuring, from an ancient bible in Tigray, Ethiopia. In the heat of the day, the cool dark walls of the church provide spiritual and temporal sanctuary. Hundreds of cave churches perch atop the grand canyon-like cliffs of Tigray, reached by ascending paths worn in sandstone by the feet of worshipers over the centuries, giving this part of Ethiopia a deeply spiritual atmosphere

Julia Coddington

Young loveFrom The Pool series

Brent Lukey

Ulster Lane, Melbourne.

Joseph Chow

ResponseEmergency. Urgency. Support. RESPONSE.

Fiona Bowring Greer


Digby Brown

Armed & DangerousMayanmar, 2017: Religious and ethnic tensions force Myanmar communities, including Buddhist monks to arm themselves. Violence between the majority Buddhist and the minority Rohingya, has escalated since 2012 with both sides accusing each other of rape, murder and the burning of homes.

Christopher Neil

Eid al AdhaMohamad Yunus helps members of the local Rohingyan community carve up a sacrificial cow as part of Eid al Adha in Springvale, Melbourne. "If I had my family here I would go with them somewhere to eat and make a party for EID. Here, it’s different. But I can’t feel sad."

Belle Verdiglione

The Birth of NyleThe Obstetrician delivers baby Nyle and then holds him over the surgical drape so his parents can see him for the first time.

Tim Gerard Barker

The Bear Bile TradeThe entire body of an endangered Asiatic Black Bear is infused in a vat of rice wine at a restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam. The large tank containing the bear was in full view of anyone entering the restaurant and it seemed that the owners cared very little about the laws put in place to protect the bears.

Emma Schlachter

Bronc riderThe horse looks like it's having a fun time, rider not so much! Taken at the Cooma Rodeo, in southern NSW

Alexander Housalas

ice cream sandwichesDocumentary series 2015-present

Matthew Abbott

'Welcome to Hell'After two-hour standoff at the Welcome to Hell demonstration at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Police lose their patience and move in to arrest members of ‘Black Bloc’ who refused to remove masks covering their faces. The protestors retaliated throwing smoke bombs, flares and glass bottles. Protesters in the city continued to riot over the next three days during the summit.

Krystle Ricci

Washing DayFrom a series exploring the friendship of a boy and his dog, who both share a bond through chronic illness.

Ian Flanders

Untitled from the series Cruising

Brian Hodges

Sunflowers in the rainGulu, Uganda

Ian Flanders

Untitled from the series Cruising

Natalia Mroz

Suri ladyThe Suri women in Southern Ethiopia use nature as a source of self-expression - flowers, river clay, grass, and unusual found objects are put together in striking displays for special occasions. This woman chose a set of cow horns, in addition to her traditional lip-plate, which most women wear as a sign of beauty and status from when they are girls.

Victoria Berekmeri

She wanted to see in the mirror. He didn't!

Gaanesh Prasad

Close EncounterClicked at an Air Show at Illawara, wanted to click the aerial display in relation with the spectators below and after much of moving around for the right connection for nearly a hour, got this frame at the right time with the flights coming on to the person, It was worth waiting for this frame , while i missed watching the show, for which i may have to go back next year!!

Shelley Reis

War and PeaceShot during a motel stopover in regional New South Wales, War & Peace is a documentary image that tells a contrasting story on either side of a door frame of parents and their children after a long haul drive.

Jayne McLean

Family pride and protectionThe bull jumping ceremony for the Hamer tribe in Ethiopia is a rite of passage for a man. The female relatives of the bull jumper (except his mum) request to be whipped by men who have recently had their ceremony but not yet wed. The females show their devotion to the bull jumper by being whipped on their backs - they take great pride in their scars and he will then protect them for life.

Matthew Abbott

In a quiet moment, cousins and siblings braid each others hair in one of the girls rooms upstairs at their new home in Cranbourne, a suburb on the outskirts of Melbourne. Their parents prepare food for the upcoming house blessing ceremony downstairs. Tuesday 9th, January 2018, Matthew Abbott for The New York Times.

Joe Ruckli


Shelley Reis

Ode to Childhood

Matthew Abbott

Wrestlers cooling offOn one of the hottest days of summer, members of the Melbourne Lion Wrestling team cool off in the surf after a training session at Williamstown beach in the south-western part of the city. In recent weeks, the small South Sudanese community has come under unwelcome, and some would say unwarranted, scrutiny. Politicians have blamed an increase of crime in Melbourne on African immigrants.

Dennis Tan

Eye of the TigerProfessional triathlete Renee turns her turmoil into determination as she finds herself falling behind the pro-field at the 2017 Busselton Ironman 70.3. She catches a glimpse of those in front of her while in transition, hell bent on catching up.

Todd Kennedy

Motel stopBath time during a sweltering summer road trip in a roadside motel in Nyngan, NSW.

Matthew Abbott

‘The Alley’Surfers enter the water at The Alley surf spot, Currumbin beach on the Gold Coast.

Lesley Downie

Dementia and FamilyAfter struggling with dementia for a couple of years, Thea finally became bedridden. Her grandson still made his weekly visits to the nursing home out of love and respect but his journey was painful...as it is for all family members dealing with this condition.

Shelley Reis

40 Degree DelicaciesIce cream is a universal childhood delight. Seeing the absolute glee with which ice cream was received by the children and watching it drip down their arms in the oppressive heat of the summer, is an iconic Australian childhood scene.

Alexander Housalas

COAST DWELLERS is an ongoing long term photographic project that began in 2015 with the intention of capturing the influence of the sea on Australian culture and how it shapes our identity.

Nicolas Marino

Jake Nemirovsky

A Moment in TimeThis image was captured during a controversional day where the photo booth was meant to be taken away, though due to public uproar, the booth remained at it's current location. For me, this image represents a powerful moment in time both for myself and for Melbourne society as a whole.

Russel Brewty

Burning DreamsEarlier this year i had the privilege to travel to Big Island Hawaii and witness this once in a lifetime eruption, this was the flow from fissure 8, a week after the first fissurer opened up in Leilani Estates.