Guy Havell

Streets of Abandonment. Once an idyllic holiday playground for the rich and famous, the Salton Sea region of California’s Imperial Valley is now largely a toxic apocalyptic wasteland of decay and abandonment caused by human neglect and government environmental mismanagement spanning many decades.

Melissa Anderson

Bloodlines.. Generations of fishermen have lived off Inle freshwater Lake. Floating agriculture, fishing, and traditional arts are the bloodline of this environment. The lake is connected by long tail boats. This image plays homage to traditional art, transport, environment, work and family of this region, that is currently under environmentalthreat. *In camera multiple exposure created at time of exposure.

Pier Carthew

Susan Brunialti

Excuse us while we change. Greek guards or “Evzones” are members of the Presidential Guard found outside the Hellenic Parliament in Athens. They guard the tomb of the Unknown soldier in pairs, emotionless and without movement except for the hourly changing of the guard ceremony. This draws large crowds of onlookers.

Kerry Faulkner

Batter-up; Street Cricket in the Blue City, Jodhpur, In. Life is lived on the streets in India, in all its glorious colour and energy. This picture, taken in the Blue City in Jodhpur typifies this; children making good use of the narrow, winding laneways for a game of cricket.

Pengcheng Jia

Pilgrims gather around Biete Giyorgis for St George's d. St George's day is one of the most important festivals in Lalibela. The everyone in the village gathers around Biete Giyorgis. The legend says he visited the church mystically while the construction was in progress.

Guy Havell

Lost Soles. Life and Death. The abandoned remnants of an old Gas Station in the middle of the California’s Mojave Desert once servicing miners and railroad workers up until the 1980’s.

Andrew Lance

Cataract Gorge. Swimmers in the foam and froth at Cataract Gorge, Hobart, Tasmania

Don Chu

Housing Estates in Technicolour. The famous Choi Hung Estate serving as a backdrop as a girl as readies herself for a fashion shoot.

Julie Kerbel

Indignant.A young girl from a disadvantaged rural school in Newlands, South Africa, eats her lunch while a stray dog happily lies in hope, waiting for her scraps. Children in the location are provided with one free meal a day at school and for many, it is their only meal.

Peter Bratuskins

Route 5 Hokkaido Crossing.

Tristam Evison


Craig Wetjen

Rob Henderson

Mao, Beijing. The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.

Robin Yong

A little bit of Bruce. A real scene on the streets of old Havana, Cuba. Late afternoons in Havana are always full of social gatherings, meeting neighbors and getting on with the business of living life. Strangers will often walk up to you and chat you up. My new found friend Jose in old Havana, as for the old lady in the picture, no one knew who she was...

Chris Wheeler

Seventy Summers.

Anne Algar

ABUC. Many structures and buildings in Cuba are made from concrete, influenced by the Soviet presence after the revolution of 1959, including public seating and children's playgrounds. When I saw this structure the metaphor was not lost on me. Due to the strong sunset behind me I took the shot with the letters back to front, a nod to how the Cuba is viewed by the West.

Timothy Northey

Built on Tradition - Seoul, South Korea. Standing guard at Gyeongbokgung palace in Seoul, South Korea. The royal guards of the palace were known as "Wanggung Sumunjang". Today when visiting this historical site you can see the traditional changing of the guard ceremony.

Tebani Slade

Cheeky Monkey.

Alexander Housalas

The Bondi.

Ann Elizabeth Ingham

"It's a Man's Work".Taken from the city wall in Dubrovnik. A dash of humanity and humour became the central part of the image and the part that attracted me the most.

Andrew Peacock

Encounter.Guests aboard the National Geographic Explorer get a close up view of the enormous tabular Iceberg A57A in Bransfield Strait off the coast of Antarctica

Julie Kerbel

Little Girl Blue.A little girl living in poverty in Orange Grove informal settlement in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, clings to her only possession, a tiny doll, outside a makeshift kindergarten in the camp.

Guy Havell

Last Stop Bombay. Once an idyllic water playground for the rich and famous, the Salton Sea region of California’s Imperial Valley is now largely a toxic apocalyptic wasteland of decay and abandonment caused by human neglect and government environmental mismanagement spanning many decades.

Graeme Gordon

Gavin Scott

Kate Powick

Now you see it..... The 'disappearing' cable car, taken just out of Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.

Kathryn macPhee

Sitting with the Gods. Mullick Ghat Flower Market Kolkata is one of the busiest markets in India. Here, under the Howrah Bridge, a coolie enjoys a solitary moment catching the rays of the winter sun. The Gods protect the area from harm.

Robin Yong

Thinking of you Day and Night. Maiko San sits quietly by herself at the window side, lost in her own thoughts. It is raining heavily outside. The pine tree and crane kanzashi in her hair indicates that the season is Winter, and the month January. Watch as the light shifts slowly from daylight to dusk...

Ross Duncan

At the end of the day.. Small manufacturing businesses remain a large employer across much of Asia. Here a man pauses from his labour in a metal workshop, George Town, Penang.

Glenn Hunt

Untitled.A Street scene in Sydney.

David Hein

Dancing in the Rain. Melbourne Laneway, Australia. The heavens opened up capturing pedestrians by surprise. I love all the elements in this photo; the young girl who seems to enjoy the moment, a lady running for cover, shop keepers looking on and cafe patrons watching the scene unfold before them.

Neen Magro

O Sole Mio.

Timothy Northey

Built on Tradition - Seoul, South Korea. Standing guard at Gyeongbokgung palace in Seoul, South Korea. The royal guards of the palace were known as "Wanggung Sumunjang". Today when visiting this historical site you can see the traditional changing of the guard ceremony.

Luke David

Miko in Nikko. A Miko (temple attendant) glances over her shoulder as she glides between temples in the hills above the small city of Nikko.

Louise Browne

Bearly there. This was taken at the town boundary of Longyearbyen, in Svalbard, during the Blue Hour - a period of wild blue light that glows in the Arctic before winter darkness sets in. Anyone passing this sign is legally required to have a gun, just in case. Taken with an Olympus OMD EM5 Mark II 1.6sec F/2.0 ISO200



Brodie Knox

Traditional Fishing . High in the mountains of Northern Vietnam, a woman uses her skills to catch a meal. These skills have been passed down through many generations in her family and are just one of the traditions unique to the Tai ethnic culture, thriving so vibrantly in this mountainous region. Sadly today, traditions such as these are fading out. This is due to the younger generations moving away to the city.

Andrew McConachy

The Biker 2.0.

David Evans

Reindeer Sledding. Sami herding family, Rensjön, Swedish Lapland

Mike Reid

Fisherman, having delivered his catch, Hoi An.. In the coastal town of Hoi An, Vietnam, fishermen still deliver their catch early each morning to the markets on the banks of the Thu B?n River.

Pengcheng Jia

Baptism in a cave. Lalibela, Ethiopia, 2019. Baptism ceremonies typically take place in the caves in the Lalibela church complex. Villagers gathered around the priests and chanted along with the priest for the newborn

Robin Yong

Ballerina and the Steadfast Tin Soldier. A fairy tale scene at the Venice Carnevale on a foggy afternoon. This is easily one of the world's most beautiful festival where masked costumers gladly pose for photos.

Bruce Edmiston

Doorway to Tranquility. In Merida Yucatan the tropical climate requires constant renovation to stucco and plaster. Yet whilst outside a building may look in disrepair once through the door you could enter a palace of tranquility away from the bustle of city life

Deborah Brown

Train Man.

Catherine Matthys

Felines of Fez. Fez Morocco

Carolyn Trenter

Frenetic. The streets of Melbourne

Marc Stapelberg

Hitaki sai (fire festivals) is one of common sights in November in Kyoto. The festivals have originated in folk beliefs dating back to the Edo Period(1603-1868) and at the beginning of winter, fire festivals are held in shrines everywhere in Kyoto. In these festivals, bundles of prayer sticks with worshippers’ written wishes are set alight on a premise as a holy fire is believed to purge


Seen better days..

Bruce Haswell

Daring Eagles, Wilcannia NSW Australia 2017. Strong late afternoon light in deserted country town helps to set the stage on another day.

Francesca Donnoli


Grant Galbraith

Along the Wall.

Bruce Haswell

Brighton England UK 2016.

Riste Andrievski

This is San Francisco. .

Marit van Zonneveld

Finding space.

Bruce Haswell

The Sunbather, Surfers Paradise QLD Australia 2018.

Assunta Russo

Flare - There's no place like home.. This Photographic work is an exploration of textures, colours and people caught out during somewhat unguarded moments. It was a journey to find ordinary people on Melbourne streets with a unique sense of individual style.

Diana Fernie

Caged Animal. Neptune Islands, South Australia

Brady Michaels

Broken Hill. This image is taken from my Signs of Australia series of photographs of vintage signs and advertising recorded during a 40,000km road trip. During my travels, towns like Broken Hill revealed themselves to be some of the richest sources of vintage signs, due to the boom and bust nature of the local mining economy. Signs of Australia is a visual record of Australian social life over two centuries.

Tebani Slade

Old Woman, Jodhpur.


City by night. Whatever sets off the spark A magic glow lights the dark Then I'm intrigued by the sight Of the city by night

cepoi aurel

water day. Mojtaba is an nomad from Khamsee tribe from Iran. Every few days he s buing water from local farmers for he s needs. Before feel the tank he s letting kids playing with water. Iran is facing serious drought year by year.

Sally Coggle

Wonderment. High on the hill i, Palermo, the Monreale Cathedral draws tourists and worshipers everyday to see the wonderment of the duomo. The mysteries of history are shared regardless of age. There is something for everyone.

Bronwyn Matthews

Shoes - Fez, Morocco.

Gaanesh Prasad

Caught You. Clicked along a street with grafitti with Kids playing with the wheel, after few attempts of trying to find the right person with height and movement right in the wheel , captured this creating a story

Melissa Anderson

Inside Out. This image aims to challenge our perception of reality, through capturing real environments, and straddling reality and surrealism through in camera multiple exposures. The image documents my sensory journey of this place, and time.

Paul Marshall

Face Painting.Preparations for the Bull Jumping Ceremony in a Hamer Village, in the Omo Valley, South Western Ethiopia

Guy Havell

Angels Ladies. “Angel's Ladies” was a large legal brothel near Beatty, Nevada which closed in 2014 after a rich and sorded history.

Niall Chang

Fisherman at Xiapu, Fuzhou, China.

Luke Fazekas

Guiding the way. North Korean tour guide, Pyongyang.

Don Chu

Sunset Hangs. As the sun sets in Kowloon, a worker steps out to the rooftop for a break

Ricardo Da Cunha


Tebani Slade

Family Entertainment.

Benson Lam


Andrew Schultz

All Aboard. Waiting to board the overnight train from Baku to Tbilisi. On the journey you’re woken up at 5am to present your passports twice when crossing the border back to Georgia. Met some local Azerbaijanis who were both petroleum engineers,. They hoped that their country would start investing money into the people by providing better education instead of pouring money into building lavish buildings.

Niall Chang

The making of the pungent fish sauce in southern china.

Kate Powick

Phil Duval

Attracting a crowd.. Taken on the steps of a Varanasi Ghat, India.

Theresa Lee

Martin & Henry. Inspired by street photographer Alexander Krohmer’s diptych series “Encounters” I was keen to try his front/back facing technique with Martin and his rescue dog Henry. As did Krohmer, I discovered the more vulnerable setting of the back facing image provided an additional view of Martin's personality through his dog Henry’s body language. Pyrmont, NSW

Niall Chang

Dusk at XIapu, Fuzhou, China. a lone fisherman heading home after a hard day of fishing

Paul Marshall

Tribal Dancing, Bull Jumping Ceremony.From a Hamer village in the Omo Valley, South Western Ethiopia

Emiko Monobe

Untitled. At a ritual festival in Japan. 2 Shrines placed in hut on top of mountain are carried down to the bottom once a year to pray for prosperity. 2 men sit on top of the Shrines and other men in costume carry them down steep slope

Craig Wetjen

Glenda Gore


Kimberley Wallis


Bruce Edmiston


Don Chu

Bay Views between the Golden Pillars. A worker takes in the views of the bay in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Stefanie Dobb

Bird Man. This man bought fish and chips and sat on the waterfront to share with the birds. They are his friends.

Roger Hyland

sea and sky.

Kimberley Wallis

Endless Worry.

Swati Hulsure

Step well at Modhera Sun Temple, Gujarat, India. Photograph is of the step well at the Modhera Sun Temple in Gujarat, India. Temple was built after 1026-27 CE during the reign of Bhima I of the Chaulukya dynasty and is dedicated to the Sun God.

David Smiley



A man's life. The Hamer tribe live in harsh living conditions with minimal resources. The women do most of the chores whilst the men gather during the day and chat. The men always look relaxed and often share a smile and laughter in the heat of the day.

Edita Knowler

Streets of Asilah.

Francesca Donnoli

The Wonder of You.

Andrew Peacock

Paro Festival crowd.

Julie Kerbel

Aztec Shaman Healer. An Aztec shaman healer performs a ‘limpia’ ritual on the streets of Mexico City to expel evil and hostile forces from the body using herbs and smoke.


The weight of Holy Thangka. The exhibiting of the treasured Thangka is always the highlight of the celebrations of the Tibetan New Year. During the 2019 Thangka exhibiting ceremony in Langmusi Temple in Sichuan, China, the monks and the worshiping villagers battled the heavy snowstorm to complete the ceremony. It was taken at the end of the ceremony when the monks carried the rolled-up Thangka back to its treasure house.

Stefanie Dobb

The Commute. Kyoto railway station, Japan, a lone traveller on the escalator. This is near impossible in Japan as there are always people everywhere.

David Krasnostein

Snake charmer, Varanasi, India. Snake charmer on the ghats, Varanasi, India