George Fetting

Lee lIn Chin - Effigy.

Meredith O'Shea

The Rooster. The McCallums are one of Australia’s only Amish families. They live a private, low-technology and socially-isolated life, Animals feature heavily in their world. They are a food source and they also use horses as a mode of transport ,they are also the children's beloved pets. Pictured here is Caleb,7,with a rooster.

Elizabeth Looker


Chris Elfes

Karl. This image is a portrait of famous Hunter Valley wine maker Karl Stockhasen for hi 85 birthday.

Karen Waller

Ern, Verandah and Cat.

Christopher Hopkins

Mick. Trooper Michael Ingram, 1st Armoured Regiment, C Squadron. Mick would incur a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) whilst serving in Vietnam, 1967. His skull was opened from forehead to nape by shrapnel during a routine field operation that was ambushed in Nui Dat. Questions during a routine health check 30 years later would spark his PSTD- flashbacks, insomnia and withdrawal.

Meredith O'Shea

Chessy And Arrow. Francesca quite often will grab her lizard straight after she jumps out of a hot bath ,she tells me “The lizards love the warmth of her body straight after a hot bath and its the best time to cuddle them “ She is pictured here with Arrow the Shingleback Lizard.

Nadia Stone

The girl and the doll. From my serie Blossom

Damien Bowerman

A portrait of my father. Taken a year or so before being diagnosed with Bowel Cancer that eventually killed him... Dad was healthy and happy the day this was taken. He never liked being photographed, and he struggled to connect with the camera. Not until recently have i wondered, what was on his mind here? Did he know something we did not?

Tracy Botica

A Rest Between Laps. My son was so proud that he could finally swim a lap of the pool. He spent so long going up and down the pool to show his Dad and I what he could do. This was a quick rest between laps before he was off again.

Melissa Stewart

Audrey. Audrey lives in Woodend Victoria, she is 11 years old and my youngest niece. When I asked her to bring something special along to the shoot, she introduced me to to her doll 'Baby' aptly named, whom she is very attached to.

Nick Hinch


Dan Boland. Dan Boland wipes dirt from his eyes as strong winds kick up dust from decimated paddocks. Farmers in the Giffard West region of Gippsland in Victoria are doing it tough after not seen significant rain fall since October 2017.

Helen Whittle


Jason McNamara

Paul Rix. Paul is a local personality and can be seen in this exact image riding his pimped postie bike around Ipswich Queensland, delivery flyers. I first saw Paul whilst staring out the window of a local coffee shop window, while he was waiting at the lights. I had to capture this.

Robert Coppa


Robert Coppa


Helen Whittle

Steph Connell

Blended. From a series of portraits that explore the lives of step siblings. Lola’s Mum met Kirra’s Dad on a dating site called RSVP. The girls have lived together as sisters since they were five and six years old.

Jayne McLean

Suri sunset walk.

Brence Coghill

Rich Webb. 8x10” wet plate collodion print on aluminium. Portrait of alt-country singer-songwriter Rich Webb. This one-off unique image was used by Rich for the cover art of his single ‘Me and My Horse Trigger’, a song about nostalgia and people wanting to revisit an imagined simpler time in the past.

Robert Piccoli

Renee Hibbert

Sadness and Light. Fragility and strength

Sharon Blance

Self-Portrait. I did not take a photo and draw on it. The photo has only ever existed melded with the sketch. 4x5” direct positive paper print merged in-camera with glass plate ink sketch. I loved fine arts in my teens but abandoned it drawing from parental pressure to forgo art school in favour of ‘a real career’. This portrait fuses the identity of Photographer and newly re-emerging sense of Self-as-Artist.

Damien Bowerman

Rebecca Griffiths

Saying goodbye. My mother sitting with my grandmother - just before she passed at age 101.

Rowan Marsh-Croft


Natalie Finney


Bruce Moyle

Carve. Created using Single Capture, Contrast Carving.

Catherine Matthys

The Real Thing. Fez Morocco

Chris Franklin

Andrew Chapman.

Andrea Francolini

I am who I am .Darby Carr, trans male, poses during Pride Australia month 2019 in order to rise awareness of trans diverse people in our society.

Lauren Murphy

Angela. Angela stood in my studio with a rawness about her on this day. I spontaneously decided to take this in camera double exposure, asking her to close her eyes then open for the second capture. She later told me that she had asked her husband for a divorce the evening prior and this image captured exactly how she was feeling.

Louise Bagger

Portrait of Joshua.

Violet McMonagle

Waiting For Tomorrow.

Natalie Finney


Susan Sventek

Friends.. Spontaneous moment caught between shots of the affection between the two.

Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd

Life on Earth. A portrait with an intrigue into the meaning of life. The beauty within the seemingly mundane and the dedication to the achingly monotonous. A curious form of co-existence with planet Earth and the use of our time here.

Steph Connell

Lady in Red. From a set of portraits that explore the daily ritual of early morning swimmers that grace our coastline.

Kirran Shah

The Offering. On the banks of the Ganges River, a young girl cries as she has her head shaved as an offering during the Shiva festival in Varanasi, India.

Brian Cassey

Generations - Aurukun. Aurukun Wik elders Silas (90) and Rebecca Wolmby (83) with their great grand children - Shalona and Keola - at their house in the Cape York Peninsula indigenous community. Over the years I have documented Silas and Rebecca frequently … stories about Aurukun’s troubled times … alcohol abuse, youth suicide, sexual violence, school truancy, law enforcement and other social issues.

Sabine Albers

Michael. Portrait taken at Circus Wereld in the Netherlands. Shot on film using my Hasselblad 500c

Rhys Nicholson

Rhys Nicholson. A portrait shoot with Comedian Rhys Nicholson during the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Comedians for most times do not show their funny on stage facade and can be a challenge to shoot than the average person, and with little time.

Brett Ferguson

The Stillness.

Steph Connell

Brence Coghill

Christopher Hopkins

Bobby. 30/07/18. Ballarat, Australia. Private Robert 'Bobby' Harrison, Infantry, 7th Battalion, Charlie Company, 7 Platoon. Suffers from anger management issues as a result of his PTSD and was exposed to Agent Orange during his tour of Vietnam, 1967. Exposure which would result in the psychological disability and the death of his son, furthering his already fragile mental health.

Che Chorley

Erin and Lochy. Che uses the camera as a conduit to enter environments in which he may otherwise be uncomfortable to take the viewer on a journey of the ocean's moods, at times aiming to overwhelm at others inviting the viewer into a salty summer embrace. This environment is specific to the photographer, yet familiar to everyone. The ocean physically shapes our environment and emotionally shapes our psyche.

Peter Adams

Allan Dennington, The Hill End Hunter.

Bruce Moyle

Entropy. Created using Single Capture

James Rowe

if Ran could run. Ran O'Reeri walked in front of my light set up and just stood there, there was no direction given, this is as organic as a shot could be. Showing the hardships of Beagle Bay his face says a 1000 words and if you look at the background you can see Ran's mate eating turtle, a local delicacy. I'd like to that the Elders of Beagle Bay for inviting me to stay and be part of their family for a week.

Jill Velinos

Her Fathers Room. She sits quietly in her Fathers room after rummaging through his draws. There is always a new discovery of something old and strange. Deep bonds are made when things don't change yet things are always changing. This photograph is part of a long term family project, documenting intimate family life in the setting of urbanisation of farm land on the outskirts of Melbourne.

Damien Bowerman

Marc Stapelberg

A married couple have spent many years in the same house together. They were one of the first homes to open to international students studying at the local university. Deeply connected to the community they continue to partake in their favourite activities of gardening and reading.

Glenn Hunt

The Hellraiser. English boxer Gary Corcoran.

Andrea Francolini

I am who I am.Nyx Calder, who identifies as non-binary (neither male or female) poses during Pride Australia month 2019 in order to rise awareness of trans diverse people in our society.

Greg Hillman

James 4:14. From James 4:14 "We don't know what tomorrow will bring, our life is like a smoky vapor/mist that appears for a little time then vanishes again" This portrait of Zane Saunders, Indigenous/Artist/Performer embodies Zane`s struggle between his Indigenous Culture and Christian upbringing. He`s pouring earth through the scriptures, the earth representing his ties to Country and Culture.

Brian Cassey

Tomotaro on the Block. Japanese amputee paralympic swimmer Tomotaro Nakamura looks towards the setting sun and steels himself as he prepares on the block for the start of his S5 50 metre freestyle final at the 2018 Para Pan Pacific Championships at the Tobruk Pool in Cairns Australia. Nakamura … who had both arms amputated below the shoulder at birth … won Gold. He is one of Japans most accomplished paralympic swimmers.

Rowena Meadows

Darren John Clark

Young & wild.. Young Ahkeela Hall with a baby Joey that she found in the pouch of a dead kangaroo.

Glenn Hunt

How To Make Gravy. Australian Singer-songwriter Paul Kelly.

Willow McMonagle

Mum's Secret Hideout..

Gemma Hoyle Farrell

Flipped. This diptych is part of a project I undertook this year, to create photos of myself with the help of my husband and kids. We used a photo I took of them as inspiration for each 'collaborate portrait' of me. I imitated the original camera settings, lighting and processing, while they shot. The project explored the complexity of motherhood, issues around identity and parental responsibility.

Jye Currie

EKA MAHILA. I captured this image earlier this year while I was exploring the backstreets of Nepal! Looking into this ladies eyes and knowing that she has spent her life on the streets shows such an inner strength that I think each and everyone of us could learn a little from. Capturing this lady’s story through still imagery showcases just how harsh living on the streets in a third world country can be.

Suxing Zhang

All the wind brings.

Peter Law


Andrew Gray Staley

Chanel Irvine

What the future looks like .

Louise Bagger

Homage to Sassoon.

Sarah Jenkins

Karo man with his Kalashnikov AK-47. Out of the forest, where we had set up camp, in a remote Kara tribe area in Southern Ethiopia, appeared this somewhat fearsome looking man. Karo men paint their faces with white natural paint to look menacing and command respect. Many of the Kara tribe carry Kalashnikov AK-47 guns to use to fight off any inter-tribal conflicts over stealing of cattle. or land issues.

Qiulin Li

Richie the drag queen. It's from my ongoing project A Young Black Kangaroo. Richie is a retired drag queen who used to perform across the country. Now he is living in Woolloomooloo public housing.

Jayne McLean

Suri child.

Andrew Nicolaou

Meet Stelios. This is Stelios. I met him whilst walking through the city of Limassol, Cyprus. Stelios was grateful that someone would be interested in making a portrait of him. And to be interested in his story. As I understand it he has a medical condition affecting his windpipe. The moment when I captured his stance and gaze, all too similar to the religious icon to his side was all too disarming for me.

Nima and Dawa

Nima and Dawa. Conjoined twins Nima and Dawa lie in their hospital bed in Bhutan's capitol of Thimphu. That uncompromising scene which greeted me – fragile, conjoined twins lying on a stark hospital bed amid an otherwise chaotic hospital – was captured in one of the first frames I shot. The twins were flown to Australia for life saving surgery and have since returned home happy and healthy.

Stephen Blake

Tea for Two. A tongue-in-cheek portrait of journalists (and long-time friends) Annabel Crabb & Leigh Sales. Commissioned for their Chat10Looks3 podcast, we set out to exaggerate and caricature their relationship: Crabb - selfless; Sales - a self-described "monster". The set and props were chosen to visually communicate the tenets of their Chat 10 Looks 3 podcast, including literature, baking and kindness.

Melissa Anderson

Mr & Mrs. Ken and his wife both served in the forces. He still regularly takes flowers to her final resting place, because he tells me, that is the way men should treat their love.

Tony Gough

Music is in his blood..Fred Hosking celebrated his 100th birthday on May 16. The former music teacher still hasn`t lost his groove and continued to give music lessons from home in Melbourne. He played in the band on In Melbourne Tonight on Channel 9 which ran from 1957 to 1998. Playing the bassoon, Baritone, sax, clarinet and the flute and he considered it the best job he ever had.

Kirran Shah

Dobi Woman. This image was taken in a Dobi (laundry people) village in Varanasi, India.

Rowan Marsh-Croft


Brian Cassey

Ex Cairns to NEWS 360 - 21.09.2018Victims and Survivors of Sorcery in Papua New Guinea - PICS BRIAN CASSEY - story Cindy WocknerDorcas Numbi Nunugi recovers in the Goroka 'Meri Safe Haus' from her injuries. She and her sister in law Pita Ambane were attacked with axes and burned with hot iron rods after Dorcas' son was accused of sorcery. The attackers tortured the women in a bid to get them to admit that the son was a sorcerer.PIc by Brian Cassey

Benjamin Neoh

Bernie. This is Bernie, a senior man who, in the past worked in kitchens and did odd jobs. At the time of this photo, Bernie was occupying the street which, was an on and off circumstance he had found himself in over the years. I would describe Bernie as considerate, well spoken, gentle, warm and someone with a sense of humour. I took this portrait right after sitting with him and discussing life.

Melissa Anderson

Vision. My father lost his vision through a rare condition Myasathenia Gravis. This image was my journey into his world without vision, capturing his essence behind closed eyes.

Pier Carthew

Crown of Thorns.

Kristian Piccoli

Paul Broomfield

Keith the Birdman. Keith comes to this spot every Friday to feed the pigeons.

Patrick Varney

Master Butcher. This is a Portrait o Simon Pole a master butcher working at The Euopean In Melbourne . It was shot on film on an RZ67 with some flash fill but mainly available light

Jayne McLean

beauty, strength and determination.

Helen Whittle

Noodles for breakfast. Home from travelling and the consequential jetlag woke us at 4am, where, when faced with nothing in the cupboard except 2minute packet noodles, my daughter proceeded to enjoy her noodle breakfast.

Shelley Reis

Forty degree delicacy. A candid portrait photographed across the dining table from my four year old daughter as she intermittently daydreamed and devoured this rare treat.

Gemma Hoyle Farrell

Time in. This diptych is part of a project I undertook to create photos of myself with the help of my husband and kids. We used a photo I took of them as inspiration for each 'collaborate portrait' of me. I imitated the original camera settings, lighting and post-production. The project explored parental roles and responsibilities, and addressed the lack of family photos depicting me.

Christopher Hopkins

Garry. 30/07/18. Mount Clear, Australia. Corporal Garry Vapp, 'A' Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment, LAD. Suffers from PTSD symptoms including guilt and shame as a result of his service in Vietnam, 1967-68.

Jake Nowakowski

Nicole Guns.Widow Nicole Guns sits in the spot where her late husband Justin White would sheer sheep. Justin took his own life amid the drought and huge farm debt in January.

Kelly A Pilgrim-Byrne

The Curator and Curated. Probably Chelsea was a stunning series of small heads suspended at eye level at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. The 30 sculptures by Heather Dewey-Hagborg are of former American political activist and soldier, Chelsea Manning (born Bradley Manning), and the portraits were generated by processing her DNA with a computer algorithm. Curated Eugenio Viola (pictured), and others.

Nikala Bourke

Di - A Real Beauty. The image is from the 2009 series Real Beauties, Women Living with Breast Cancer, a rather confronting and emotional project that featured a group of brave and amazing women who had experienced breast cancer in their lives and were sensitively photographed to reveal their beauty and scars. This shot of Di was taken not long after diagnosis, surgery and chemo. It shows her strength and resilience!

Joshua Thomas

Moshio's Virgin Tattoo . I met Moshio while waiting in line for an exhibition in Tokyo, she pointed out my tattoos, which led us to a conversation via google translate. I showed her mine, she then presented her lip that read "virgin", I asked her why, and with a sentence translated by the Google Translate app I read "I like the atmosphere around the word, its cute isn't it?".

Melissa Bantick

This is 4 (No.4). Tiny moments in the life of a 4 year old. From series of images for my daughter.

Alicia Lansdown

Life goes on, one cup of tea at a time. This man has outlived both of his sons and wife, but still exudes an astounding amount of strength, resilience and love for life. This image displays his attitude for life, and how it must go on and be lived with grace and cheek.

Katy Bindels

Bathroom Contemplation. Contemplating the changes wrought by time, motherhood and illness reflected back in the bathroom mirror.

Yosando Faiza

Hat seller. I shot this image in the beginning of the year while I was traveling back home in Indonesia. I have been shooting for the whole day, and I was not completely satisfied with the images that i took, up until I was about to leave the place where I was photographing. I saw this man, with a shimmer of light right on his face, with no doubts I slowly walk towards him and asked if i could photograph him,

Melissa Anderson

Father and Son. Alastair served in the British army. He lost his son in the Coral Sea in Vietnam. He says conflict has always been a part of the world as long as he can remember. He talks about the new war killing our veterans.