Photography is a powerful medium that brings people together and promotes understanding. It teaches us about the world outside of our regular scope of view and informs us. We are searching for imagery which deepens our understanding, celebrates diversity and allows us to see from a unique perspective.


Often we see the same imagery being recycled through competition circles and the same photographers being championed year after year. While this kind of recognition is important, sometimes the noise surrounding recognised artists can be so loud that it leaves limited room for emerging artists. This is why the APA committee takes every entrant’s work seriously to make sure that nobody is overlooked. We are proud of our history of awarding and discovering new and emerging photographers alongside established artists.


Competitions can be a hazardous space to navigate. This is why we work so hard to make our operation clear and fair for our entrants. The rights of our entrants always come first and foremost. Copyright always stays with the entrant and  imagery entered into APA is never sold on to third parties. 


We always ask permission before imagery is used for anything other than to promote the entrants position within the competition or the competition itself. 

Do I retain copyright?

We understand the importance of image copyright. As such, the copyright of photographs always and unconditionally remains the property of the photographer. APA and our sponsors may use imagery to advertise APA, showcase finalists and feature photography through our website and social media channels. A credit will always be front and centre wherever an image is used. If an entrant is not wanting us to use their imagery in this way we will happily comply.

When does the competition close?

In 2021, entries close October 18th at 11:59pm AEDT. Please note, APA does not extend deadlines.

Are there time restrictions on photographs?

We have no time restrictions on when an image was taken, we just can’t have seen it before in APA.

What if my images have been submitted into other competitions?

We accept imagery that has been submitted into other competitions or published through other channels, however we do not accept entries that have been submitted into APA in the past. Imagery which has been entered in Stories is also eligible to be entered into APA.

Does the content of the imagery need to be Australian?

No. Photos can be taken anywhere in the world, just as long as the photographs are made by a person residing within Australia or any person living outside of Australia with Australian citizenship.

How do I supply my files?

Images should be Jpeg and sized between 1mb and 4mb. Do not watermark or put any identifying branding on the images. These will not be considered for judging.

How do I name my files?

We don’t require your files to be named a certain way. When you submit an entry, our system generates an associated file name. Photographer information, category and descriptive text can all be added along with the image in the entry process.

How much does it cost to enter?

We have pricing tiers to accommodate multiple image entries. All monetary amounts are stated in AUD.

• Single entry cost is $30
• 3 images cost $80 ($30 for additional images)
• 8 images cost $210 ($27 for additional images)

Why is there an entry fee?

Running a competition such as APA is simply not possible without funding. To understand our full scope of work within the industry and read our code of ethics click here.

Why enter awards?

Photography awards mean different things to different people. They can represent a significant milestone in a professional’s career, a way for independent photographers to engage with the wider photographic community, an avenue to get your images in front of a panel of experts or anything in between.

To enter an award you don’t need to be a famous photographer, you just need to have an interest in photography and a desire to engage with the broader national community. We pride ourselves on being an all inclusive organisation where we award photographers not because they hold a level of notoriety, but because their ideas and execution speak to us. We don’t see ourselves as judges but more as peers trying to get the best out of your work.

We also acknowledge that photography awards aren’t for everybody. We fully support those who are pursuing their creative practice outside of awards and competitions.

Can I get feedback on my entries?

In 2021 we have two methods to receive feedback about your entries:

The APA Community Feedback Session will be a video webinar hosted by select members of the APA committee once the winners have been announced. This session will provide overall feedback for all 2021 entrants, discussing observed trends and providing our community with an opportunity to learn and grow. The session will conclude with a Q&A from our community, where entrants will have the opportunity to pick the brains of committee members and gain deeper insight into their process.

Entrants who submit eight or more entries will be entitled to a Personalised Feedback Session. In these sessions, a member of the APA committee will provide personal feedback in a one-on-one online setting.

How can I be part of the conversation?

We welcome engagement through our social channels on Facebook and Instagram. If you have direct feedback, either positive or negative we love to hear from you. Please reach us at [email protected]

We encourage comments, debate and engagement but have no tolerance for abusive behaviour. As a policy we don’t delete posts and endeavour to address any concerns publicly. However we do not tolerate behaviour that compromises the work of the individuals we feature.

For further information please view our Terms and Conditions.