Nadia Stone

This Is Us

Jayne McLean

Village LifeWe arrived at the Dassanech village early morning and this man was standing by his cattle relaxing looking quite amazing!

Bill Gekas

AmandaAmanda is a single mother of two young children and a friend of the family. She had just broken up with her partner hours before this photo was taken. Her gaze into the camera portrayed a sense of uncertainty of what the future holds yet a willingness and strength to persevere of whatever may lie ahead.

Steph Connell

Lois - Every morning since 1978, Lois swims early in the morning at the very place her son lost his life in the ocean. It's her way to connect. A place of solace.

Robert Coppa


Simone Addison


Matt Horspool

Headspace - A conceptual portrait of my friend taken one foggy morning at the base of a small mountain in Australia. It took many goes to get the leaves to fall as they did and was a team effort to gather enough leaves for the image. Can you guess how it's done?

Gemma Hoyle Farrell


Tonya Jozwiak


Krystle Ricci

Asthma - From the series maternal anxiety, exploring my fears as a mother. I asked my son to show me what it feels like when he has an asthma attack.

Andrew Dickman

Barrel Run

Zoe Mischewski

Fascination - My son age 7 fascinated with the ripples as he walks in the lake at sunset. Taken at Lake Wallis, Pacific Palms, New South Wales - July 2018.

Emma Perry

Head Bump

Matthew Gianoulis

Little Red

Justin Stenning


Lilli Waters

FROM WHERE WE CAME - ‘Others Dream’ presents a returning to nature in unsettling and otherworldly scenes. Female figures intermingle within primordial and foreboding landscapes, yet there is a stripping away of the stereotypical vulnerable and fearful woman. Rather, these women appear to be birthed into nature, or perhaps birthed from nature, naked yet unafraid and empowered.

Bruce Moyle

Imperfect Perfect - In-camera capture

Snezana Knezevic

Portrait of a Boy

Maggie Lattin

Matthew Gianoulis

Papou - 'Grandfather' in the Greek language. My Papou migrated to Australia from Cyprus at the young age of 18. He travelled by boat to Melbourne with only 5 pounds in his pocket and the clothes on his back to make a better life for himself. He later travelled up north to cut sugar cane and finally starting a family of his own. Now aged 84, his face shows the signs of a life well lived.

Stuart Mark Spence

Brian Cadd (AM) - I was asked to photograph Australian singer/songwriter and Order of Australia recipient, Brian Cadd for the cover of his new record. I was drawn to this wall, I think complementing Brian's resilience over time. It was that unstoppable strength and power I wanted to find in both his look and his stance.

Greg Desiatov


Joe Ruckli

Jarred Stedman

MEMU - She is a strong, fit, fierce woman who is not to be messed with. Her journey has not been a breeze, but she has drawn strength in each battle, win or loose.

Stuart Mark Spence

Greig Pickhaver AKA H.G. Nelson - Greig has always been one of my heroes, his (and John Doyle's) trailblazing wit and humour entertaining me for many many years. This portrait was really just a snap, backstage after a theater event, but I was able to find a certain seriousness and vulnerability rarely seen by the public, in the short window of time.

Andrea Francolini

Khizra - Community School, Shitindas (Gilgit-Baltistan) Khizra, 5yrs old is student at the Community School, Shitindas (Gilgit-Baltistan). She is the first student to obtain a 5 year scholarship from the Australian charity My First School Pakistan which promotes education in northern Pakistan.

David Krasnostein

Sue in Full Flight - Melbourne artist Sue Gibson in full flight.

Ruth Morris

Stephen Trutwin, Podiatrist - Turning the spotlight around and putting the podiatrist in the patients chair was the inspiration behind this portrait. The resulting magnification distorted the subject, breeching boundaries and exploiting their personal space.

James Niven

Sarajevo, Bosnia. - I came upon this scene late one afternoon whilst walking the back streets of Sarajevo. Talking with a local, I was informed that this was a daily ritual of feeding the Pigeons.

Silas Chau


Helen Whittle

Always full of emotion - my daughter. it doesn't take much to make her emotional. wears her heart on her sleeve. loves hard, hurts easily. recovers fast.

Alan Virina Coligado

Fishing for clues

James Broadway

Danni | Chef with chicken

Marc Stapelberg

Polite - I selected Michael Balderstone as he has spearheaded many of the initiatives to decriminalise marijuana. A 36 year life dedicated to creating a new world based and nutured in a small regional town in Northern NSW came as much by accident as by fortitudfe and determination. Michael Balderstone is the Australian HEMP Party president, the Hemp Embassy president, and founder of the Nimbin Museum.

Natalia Mroz

No title - A portrait of a friend's mother, from Amboseli, Kenya. She holds a beautiful necklace she made for me as a guest at their village. She was preoccupied when I took this photo with preparations for her son's wedding, and reminded me of a someone clutching a rosary in classic church paintings. Always grateful for this family's hospitality.

Zorica Purlija

Complicated - My daughter my muse 15 and thoughtful

Louise Bagger

Portrait of Amy

Kristyn Taylor

Tabysbyek and Horse - Tabysbyek is the 76 year old head of a Kazakh family in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia. The Kazakhs are the famed eagle huntering nomads.

Boni Febrianda

The Hair Stylist Surfer

Rémi Chauvin

Endurance Efosa, 28 from Nigeria, unconscious and critical after a rescue by Médecins Sans Frontières, was airlifted to Tunisia in late January, 2018. When she awoke two days later, only one of her children was with her. In late February when the photo was taken, there was still no word about her five-year old son, except that he might be with the other survivors of the rescue who are in Italy.

Snezana Knezevic

Que será, será...

Lauren Murphy

Leigh Marino Chef - As a Photographer I aim to capture authentic moments in the everyday. I am drawn to people, their conversation, their playfulness. Capturing the essence of Leigh in a single shot led me to create this image representing the soul of his culinary journey, pasta. Coloured gels and high sync strobes were used to highlight his artistic and somewhat rambunctious personality.

Damian Bennett

Phils Panel and Paint

Miranda Kremers

Faceless - Does digital progression equal social digression? Are we interested in the hidden, the person or more focussed on the visible, the medium of communication and therefore turning us into a faceless society? This image is part of a series about the effects of digital devices standing in the way of social interaction.

Simone Addison


Robert Coppa


Helen Whittle

Who took the last of the milk from the fridge - She upsets easily. this was because there was no milk left for her porridge.

Robin Yong

Kecak Dancing - The Ramayana Monkey Chant - A Balinese theatrical dance.

Remi Chauvin

Dr Bob Brown

Candy Goldsmith

Something about Bonnie - There's something about Bonnie. At age 1 she decided that she would name herself. At age 3, she took a pet cabbage to daycare every day to cuddle at rest time, for her 6th birthday she received 3 trees, a Bunnings gift card and 2 chickens because those are the things that she likes.

Keef Hickey

Hickey Boys

Catherine Matthys

Beach Babes

Robert Coppa


Krystle Ricci

Germs - From the series Maternal Anxiety, exploring my fears around parenting.

James Bugg

Billy & Cooper - Two boys stand on the edge of a secretive cliff jumping spot in Victoria's South East. Youths make their way here to throw their bodies from the sheer cliff faces into the fresh water below.

Seng Ann Mah

"Bug" and Troy - "Bug" is an Australian Frilled Neck Lizard, hand-raised and completely comfortable around humans. She doesn't like snakes, though. Troy is a male stripper/topless waiter. Together, they make quite a pair.

Rowan Marsh-Croft

Shopping cart bumper cars - Shopping with Britt.

Robert Coppa


Mark Ditcham

Ciahn - Just can't stop her!

Rachel Main

“I think in Oshiwambo but I have to speak in English” - We were on a road trip, exploring the northern region of Victoria when we drove through Mokoan, land of the Yorta Yorta Nation, also known as the Winton Wetlands. The landscape was a sea of brown crunchy grass and bare slithery gums. Lydia thought the scene was in some ways familiar, the light scrub not dissimilar to her home village. Keeping connected to her culture is what gives Lydia strength.

Rowan Marsh-Croft

Victor - My housemate Victor poses with a can of soup, the only thing he could afford to eat that day.

Jane Zhang

Lady from the Past - Taken on the streets of Melbourne

Rowena Meadows

Poppy - My daughter's friend Poppy came over after school. I captured her amongst the day's last shafts of light as she was hanging out in my kitchen.

Jane Zhang

Another Year - Taken on the streets of Melbourne

Nancy Flammea

Quiet serenity - In this image I wanted to create the same quiet serenity that is portrayed in many Victorian paintings. Women were often painted with an air of stillness and composure perhaps how men wanted to see them, yet in their eyes another story lays hidden.

Ante Badzim


Philip Cerbu

Nostalgia - The picture was taken in the suburbs of Melbourne. 30 years ago Viorica arrived in Australia from a small village in Romania. Although she has been living in Australia for 30 years she has preserved the traditions and memories of her home in Romania, creating and decorating her home with colours and patterns that remind her of the place she calls home.

Joshua Morris

Marikit Santiago - I was fortunate enough to meet the artist Marikit Santiago for one of the shoots I have done for Blacktown Arts. We wandered the streets of Blacktown deep in conversation about art and kids, parenting, faith and the juggle of it all, before finding a nearby church, and falling for the breeze block light.

Rowan Marsh-Croft

Better days ahead - Charlotte stands in the kitchen of a since demolished housing estate in the nations capital. Where do we go from here?

Penny Stephens

Dr Philip E Taylor with the pollen counter on the top of a Deakin University building in Burwood. He's been instrumental in discovering that pollen explodes in certain weather conditions such as those that occur during a thunderstorm asthma event.

Donna Killeen


Gerrie Mifsud

Colours of Culture - A series of portraits showcasing men and women living in the Sydney region who perform in their cultural costume/dress. This portrait represents Ugyhur culture.

Katherine Griffiths

Actor Ebony Vagulans - I asked Ebony what performance means to her and she replied “It’s our inconsistencies which are truly telling and inspirational. It made me stop chasing perfection and start chasing the mess. When I perform I feel cleansed. I wasn’t raised religious but use theatre to find profound stories and moral debates to culturally draw from. The process has become a spiritual one for me.”