Pepijn Thijsse

In the Cloud. A surreal street scene in the La Défense area of Paris. Google Maps isn't likely to help in this situation.

Mark Davidson


Renata Filippi

Equality .

Niall Chang

Lone bench. Image taken at Zabriskie Point, Death Valley National Park, California, USA

Silvi Glattauer

Donostia ladies.The afternoon stroll is a long standing tradition all over Spain. Here in San Sebastian, these ladies of the 3rd age with their coiffure hair meet up for a meander along the bay-front promenade to watch and comment on the beach users.

Chris Budgeon

NO ONE PLAYS HERE ANYMORE. Selected from a series visually exploring under utilized Regional recreational facilities across Victoria.

Kathryn MacPhee

Migrant Worker, Kolkata.. The lane was closed off from the street, but the gate was slightly ajar. It is a men’s quarters for migrant workers who come to Kolkata from other Indian states. The light was perfect, so I slipped inside and managed to photograph this man reading the paper while catching the morning sun.

Phan Thi Khanh

Fishing boat.Fishing boats are dropping nets in An Hai, Tuy An, Phu Yen, Vietnam. The nets are dropping in an oval-like circle, after which the fishermen on the boat will use a circular pulley to support and pull the net by hand. The great thing is, every time the grid is pulled up, it will transform into different shapes. Oval, heart-shaped, sometimes like the train of wedding dress, leaf-shaped and a torch.

Nicole Reed

Pyongyang Street.Apartment block in central Pyongyang

Michael Fabian

Estranged. The social abyss

Jayne McLean

Omo Valley Life.Goat herding in the Karo tribe village in Ethiopia.

Ben McNamara

Jimmy in the clouds. . Vietnam.

Karen Waller

Hamar Children. A group of children in a Hamar village in the Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia.

Jesse Pretorius

Hk Bathers. The photo was taken on 120 film on a trip to Hong Kong late last year. It was taken in central Mong Kok amidst the ongoing democracy protests, the contextual juxtaposition between conflict and leisure makes for an interesting dynamic. The image reminds me of the work of Martin Parr, since taking it my direction has shifted to creating humorous or surrealist street photography.

Mario Mirabile

Downtime.When it all catches up with you, you just have to give in.

Glenn Homann

Prune Deuce.

Sarah Jenkins

Chollima Steelworks, North Korea (DPRK). Chollima Steelworks Complex remains one of North Korea's most important industrial facilities. North Koreans are enormously proud of this place as it represents the self reliance of the country. The number 200 in the image refers to the Government’s productivity drive campaign, which involves all workers in factories to work continuously for 200 days. (Access to foreigners is rarely granted).

Roger Hyland

River side life Jogyakarta. 5 million people live in Jogyakarta.

Daniel Mead

The Heart Wall..

Jess Black

Holbrook, AZ. . Sundown at Wigwam Village #6.

Nicole Reed

Jogger .Indoor Stadium, Pyongyang

Matthew Vidler

David Krasnostein

The Smoker. A villager relaxes in front of his home in a small village in Gujarat, India

Matt Horspool

Colours of Chaos. Nothing can prepare you for the absolute chaos that is Phoolon Wali Holi inside the famous Banke Bihari Temple. Thousands line up for hours in the early morning heat, waiting for a single door to open into the temple, where for 20-minutes, flowers are thrown over the surging crowd. This handheld long exposure was something I'd hope to capture and was lucky to get the opportunity.

Scott McCook

Weapons of Mass Consumption.

Matt Horspool

United as One. The sun began to set over the imposing temple of Nandgaon, where thousands of people had amassed to witness the spectacle of Lathmar Holi. Photographers and participants surrounded the large circle of seated men as buckets of colour were thrown over the congregation. Through the chaos, I could see this particular man shrouded in a cloud of colour, so I took aim and captured this shot.

Cameron James Cope

Nouns of Saint-Louis. Diary entry from Guet-Ndar beach in Saint-Louis, Senegal: Nouns of St Louis: Salt haze, cinder blocks, shell fossil-concrete, goat prints in pavement, fishing canoe jenga, dirty beaches & jazz, a pastel horizon, exploding baobabs, calcium ooze, colonial skeletons.

Eunie Kim

A rainy evening at a mountain temple. I found this temple by accident. I sheltered from the rain under the eaves as night began to fall. While I waited a line of monks emerged from a building, each holding an umbrella. They ascended the stairs and took up position by a large decorated drum. Each monk took a turn drumming their own individual rhythm. The noise reverberated over the valley.

Daniel Mead

Cronulla Picnic Shed.

Roger Hyland


Graeme Gordon

Wes Tolhurst

Proud. I was lucky enough to be present in Papua New Guinea during their independence celebrations last year. This young man was proudly displaying their flag with his friends at Ella Beach, along with thousands of others.

Jayne McLean

Suri. Suri tribe, Kibish, Upper Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Mike Reid

Hoi An fisherman.An early morning fisherman having just dropped off the night's catch to the wharf side Hoi An markets, Vietnam.

Yancho Sabev

Lazy Late Afternoon. Completely authentic moment, without any attempt of staging recorded in Havana, Cuba.

Luke David

Ma Wan Roof Top.Graffiti and construction materials on the roof of the abandoned village of Ma Wan, Hong Kong.

Alex Schoelcher

Karim, Almaty, Kazakhstan.A portrait taken of 61 year old Karim inside his apartment in an old Brutalist apartment complex in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He asked me to be quiet while I took his portrait, as his son was asleep in the living room next door, having completed a night shift as a security guard.

Mark Van Veen

Silver Legs, Hoi An Vietnam.

Guy Havell

Health concerns, earthquakes and extreme temperatures. Life and death in the hardcore industrial desert town of Trona, California.

Don Chu

Public Warning. Residents of the Far East Plaza building look out from their balconies as the Singapore Civil Defence Force conduct their annual sounding of the island-wide sirens. Singapore, February 2020.

Luke David

Hong Kong Cemetery.A symmetrical memorial on the apex of Hong Kong's vertical cemetery.

Kathy Wallace

Click and reflect. To photograph the photographer

Francisco Disilvestro

Sunbathing. A moment of relax, with the calming sound of the waves.

Mario Mirabile

Gimme shelter.We've been sheltering for so long, it's hard to remember anything else.

Zoe Arnott

Paperback. Exploring the streets of Mumbai in the morning light. Sisters take the exploration in their stride. The extremes are eye catching, books piled high, the swell of people, rainbow stations and colonial architecture familiar in the misty smog.

Stanley Aryanto

Bustling. A busy night market in Old town, Marrakech. In this photo I wanted to show the interaction in the market. I do this by using a long exposure. In this shot you can see those who are still and those who are moving, it creates a beautiful dynamic of the scene.

Silvi Glattauer

Saharan Desert from a Moroccan hotel.This hotel is right on the edge of a sand dune system - Erg Chebbi. You can sit and contemplate the setting sun over the dunes with your mint tea!

Gaanesh Prasad

Walk into the light. Clicked on an evening in Sydney while it was raining , loved the architecture of the church and the atmoshpere was perfect to enhance to the structure

Ushi Grant

Patterns .

Odrik Sandoval Oliver

Into the unknown . I took this photo at 6:25am on a beautiful morning at Manly beach Australia, it was just minutes before these paddle boarders were going to enter into the water and face the freezing conditions of the water into the unknown.

Phan Thi Khanh

Drying fish.Long Hai fish market, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Vietnam is the place to buy and sell seafood, especially dried scad, with the scientific name of decapterus. Thousands of fry trays are dried on rooftops and yards by hundreds of workers. The weather here is very sunny with high temperatures and the workers work with great intensity. I came to Long Hai on a photo trip and was really overwhelmed by the scale

Guy Havell

Abandoned gas station and diner between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Ushi Grant

Bathing, Kolkata .

Jake Nowakowski

Smoko. Tradesmen eat lunch amongst a flock of ravenous seagulls on the steps of the State Library of Victoria.

Marta Pascual Juanola

Siblings. A young Kyrgyz girl gives her young brother a piggyback ride in the village of Suleyman, a settlement in Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor. The narrow stretch of land, bound by the Hindukush, Pamir, and Karakoram ranges, is one of the world's most remote corners. Its inhabitants, the nomadic Kyrgyz people, live without running water or power migrating between seasonal settlements twice a year.

Cameron Meacham

Searching For The Perfect Wave.

Alan Mitchell

Big job India .

Les Sharp

Farmer and his Buffalo. Old China is rapidly fading into history. But there are still places where traditional village life can be seen. In the banyan tree forest of Yangjiaxi a farmer and his buffalo pass through the mists of early morning.

Frans van den Bogaerde

Cameron James Cope

Nouâdhibou Strideby. Street scene in Nouâdhibou, Mauritania.

David Rosendale

Hakuba #8.

Guy Havell

Observations in the ordinary world. Las Vegas industrial estates.

Cameron James Cope

Fishermen of Nouakchott. Call and answer rhythms merge with the shore-break as a procession of Senegalese and Mauritanian fishermen roll their boats from the sea to the dunes across battered oxygen cylinders.

Melissa Jane Cachia

Home for some.

Jayne McLean

Traditional Tribal BBQ. Hamer tribe village, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Steve Day

Edge. Looking up at The Edge, New York City, the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere.

Alice Mariette

Paddleboarder at Scott's Point.When the water is magical, it calls to you.

Ross Calia

The Whipstick - Bendigo.

Julie Kerbel

Flight.What if I fall?Oh, my darling, what if you fly?

Jayne McLean

Maji Moments.Happy girls nearby Maji market in South West Ethiopia.

Laura Reid

Wylie sunbathers. If there is one good thing that has come from Covid-19 is that people now spread out on the beach, or in this case, Wylie Pool. Don't you hate it when someone comes and sits right beside you?

Don Chu

Running Colour.The former Old Hill Street Police Station becomes a colourful backdrop for a runner. Singapore, February 2020.

David Krasnostein

Afternoon Resting Place. An elderly man rests from the harsh midday sun in a village outside of Poshina, Gujarat, India

Irina Mitin


Mark Davidson