Ryan Ostrea

A Herd of Cows - Capertee valley, NSW Australia - While driving around the valley one afternoon in search for potential sunset location, the soft light hitting the mountain caught my eye. I then parked the car, took my gears out and started setting up for my shot using a zoom lens as I was initially aiming for some intimate landscape images. While I was working out my camera settings I saw some cows from a distance heading towards me. Before I knew it, there were already dozens of them (or I'd say hundreds) standing just a few metres in front of me. With the fast moving clouds over the mountain and the movement of cows, the first image that came to mind was long exposure in black and white! In less than a minute I managed to change my lens, pulled out the right filter and did a quick math on what I thought was the best exposure settings for the result that I wanted to achieve. I took a few images before the herd started spreading out and moved away. I thought I was in the right place at the right time.

Carol Hancock

Snowblown Brumby - This Australia Brumby Stallion had his small herd hidden away in a small sheltered plain. No matter how tough the blizzard became he was always in the look out for potential threats that may approach and risk the safety of his herd..

Angela Robertson

Drought - As a wildlife carer we have had strange rescues of birds that do not normally venture into the city of Sydney. These yellow-faced Honeyeaters were outside of their normal area, we assume due to the drought, their normal source of nectar isn't in their usual areas so they have ventured into suburbia.

Alexandra Cearns

Cat Lord - Kewpie the sphinx cat strikes a pose.

Jon Mills

Schooling Trevally. Caught in a “Fishnado”

Tony Hewitt

Sally Hinton

Underwater Gannets Fighting

Zoe Schepisi

Emu Tree - My favorite image to try and capture is the one that asks more questions than it answers, the one that creates a complex narrative despite its stillness. I aim to create visual stories that are suspended in time, and where the viewer is invited to provide explanation.

Renee Doyle

Jealousy - During an early evening storm we stumbled across a mating lion couple. The third party - the sister lioness, was very jealous while the male paid more attention to her sister than to her. I was thrilled to be the only person (with my guide) to be watching this incredible family while the storm approaching from one side with the sun was setting on the other created quite dramatic lighting for us.

Diana Fernie

Pretty in Pink - As night falls, a Brittle starfish starts hunting for a dinner of plankton or decaying matter. This one is crawling over a barrel sponge. Philippines.

Susan Joy Massey

A Moment in Time - Gallows Beach, Coffs Harbour NSW

James Dorey

Jewelled armour - Cuckoo wasps, like cuckoo birds lay their eggs in another species' nest. The nests that these beauties lay in are those of large potter wasps who have a powerful sting and are not afraid to use it in the defense of their young. Thus, when threatened the cuckoo wasp rolls up into a tight armoured ball, protecting herself from another angry mother.

Georgina Louise Steytler

The Intruder - Under a bridge on the Chambal River in India martins have built nests and skulking amongst these nests is an Alexandrine Parakeet.

Angela Robertson-Buchanan

Hot Breath - It was a cold Sydney winter and this local Magpie used to sing every morning. I loved how there was hot air coming from her beak so timed the shot with the final exhale of song.

Wayne Sorensen

The Catch - This brown bear makes his kill after catching a salmon from the calm waters of Lake Kurile, Kamchatka in remote Russia. As his giant jaws clamp down on the fish, he flicks his head and all around him erupts with water spray and the vividly coloured roe from the salmon.

Georgina Louise Steytler

The Take Off - A New Holland Honeyeater takes off from a native flower on a hillside in Albany, Western Australia, its wings spread and pollen droplets on its forehead.

Renee Doyle

A Mothers Love - Having only just landed in the incredible Lake Clarke National Park, we were greeted to the sight of this magnificent Coastal Brown Bear nursing her Cubs within the Lupins. The loving nature of these Bears is palpable and an incredible experience to be around

Sebastien Landat

Turtle's Dinner - Turtle Feeding On Jellyfish

Pamela Pauline

Matriarch - This image, entitled "Matriarch" was a finalist in this year's Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize. Unapologetically romantic, I hope that my African images encourage people to do all they can to help with the conservation of these magnificent creatures.

Mat Beetson

Natures Heart - A group of Pelicans, known as a 'squadron' works in unison to corral bait fish. As they followed their prey they formed this heart shape naturally, all while a white-winged black Tern observes the handy technique.

Mat Beetson

Circle of Life - The harsh reality of life. A Fin whale, listed as a vulnerable species and not normally known to beach itself is found 20m from residence homes whilst an opportunistic predator waits patiently for its meal. Image captured Great Southern town Albany, Western Australia.


Windblown Egret

Nick Hinch

Pamela Pauline

In Her Footsteps - Through eliminating the trafficking of elephant tusks, we will save these beautiful creatures.

Paul Marshall

Firebird - African Darter, Lake Baringo, Great Rift Valley, Kenya

David Stowe

King Penguin Chick - A King Penguin chick suffers the consequences of straying too far from its parent amongst a busy colony

Wise Hok Wai Lum

Frog of Action - A male Green-eyed Tree Frog (Litoria serrata) on the lookout for females on a rainy evening in the rainforest of Far North Queensland.

Kristyn Taylor

Eagle is Landing - A Kazakh nomad in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia trains his 6 month old eagle. He uses a fox skin to provoke her predator/prey response and rabbit as the reward.

Julius Pang

Baby snow monkey

Grant Galbraith


Michael AW

Silky Sunset - Silky shark at sunset

Lily Martin

A lone pelican sits on a lamp amid the construction of a bridge

Wayne Sorensen

The Hunter - The raw power of this giant brown bear is on full display as he expertly fishes for salmon at Lake Kurile, Kamchatka on the far northeastern coast of Russia.

Kristian Bell

Dragon of the Forest - A Boyds Forest Dragon found on the outskirts of Cairns. These incredible animals look like mini dinosaurs and make excellent photography subjects due to their preference for remaining motionless when startled by a predator, or in this case a photographer!

Sally Hinton

Underwater Gannets Diving

Matthew Abbott

Brumbies charge through the desert - Thousands of Brumbies run wild among the canyons and claypans of central Australia. Some are descendants owned by the early explorers while others have been turned loose as stockmen were replaced by machinery. Brumbies, while considered ‘Cultural Icons’ amongst Australians, wreak havoc on the native environment, trampling the ground and eating out pastures across the plains.

Theresa Pitter

Harmony - I awoke very early on this particular morning. The light was low. The only birds in the area seemed to be a couple of Silver Gulls sweeping back and forth. I decided to experiment with slow shutter speeds. I think the result of the image is actually rather pleasing. It evokes a calming, peaceful feeling in me.

Kristian Bell

Powerful Predator - This beautiful and majestic female powerful owl lives in the outer suburbs of Melbourne and has chosen a low roosting site, perfect for giving me an opportunity take a photo. In this moment the owl was suddenly alerted to a sound from behind her and turned to look at it, giving me a lovely 'models pose' style shot.

Yogesh Bedi

Pallas's fish eagle fight - It was during first week of June when we were taking our morning safari in the famous Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand, India. It was a cloudy day as the monsoon season was about to hit the northern region of India and soon the National park will be closed. After an early excitement of alarm calls all the jeeps disperse to different areas to see glimpses of the magnificent tiger. We decide

Diana Fernie

Expectant Parents - Tiny Porcelain crabs live, love and feed on a Seapen. Philippines

Alan Virina Coligado

The bare minimum

Renee Doyle

It's a Lions Game - These young adult siblings enjoy a morning of play - chasing each other through the long grasses and even up a tree! The agility of these magnificent creatures plus their playful and loving nature is a joy to witness.

Sally Hinton


Matthew Abbott

Deep Blue Fin - Skipper and diver Mark Taffener slowly surfaces after inspecting the bottom of a Southern Bluefin Tuna cage. The divers nervously joked that they “regularly see sharks in the cage” but they don’t worry too much as “they are normally well fed”.

David Stowe

End of the Line

Theresa Hall

Just cruising - This photo was taken on a visit to Heron Island in the Great Barrier Reef. I felt honoured to be able to swim around with the wildlife on the reef and experience a part of their world for a short while. I loved having the reef as my office during my visit. It was certainly a better option

Alexandra Cearns

Prehistoric - The detailed face of an iguana in the Galapagos.

Ross McGibbon

Prehistoric Perfection - The Boyd’s Forest Dragon is arguably the most iconic lizard in North East Queensland. Their colorful markings emulate their rainforest surroundings, while their prehistoric appearance bear resemblance to miniature dinosaurs.

David Stowe

Tasmanian Devil

John Goodridge

Vertical - 20,000 KG's of Juvenile Humpback jumps out of the crest of a wave during the annual Northern Migration. Sydney July 2018

Jordan Robins

Say Cheese - Silver Drummer and Spangled Emperor posing for the camera. This style of photo is called an 'over under', which is a style of photo

Justin Bruhn

Playful - This playful young humpback whale calf boldly ventured away from her mother to take a closer look at me and I was rewarded with this beautiful memory. Natural light and a fast shutter speed allowed me to capture this magical moment.

Geoffrey Hyde

Courting Crab Spiders - Male and female crab spiders, Sidymella sp., invoved in a courtship ritual. The smaller male has approached the female, and is warily testing the waters. He could become her next meal if he is not careful. His caution, and her steady appraisal, kept them still enough for me to take a series of 12 shots, at different focal planes, which were then combined using focus stacking software. In Sydney.

Mat Beetson

Flight Path - The Squadron of Pelican's take flight, as they embark on their mission of hunting prey.

Rowan Marsh-Croft

Fight of the kestrels - Two nankeen kestrels settle a disagreement.

Brett Lobwein

Blue Angel - An underwater photograph of a Glaucus.

Ross McGibbon

Deadly Desert Taipan - The Western Desert Taipan in its natural habitat among the sandy dunes of the Great Victoria Desert. This large, fast and highly venomous snake inhabits the deserts of inland WA, SA and NT. Due to its remote distribution, very few people have recorded encounters with this species (less than 20 records exist), however local aboriginal people would have been encountering these snakes for many years.

Zach Parker

GUIDANCE - A mother with her week old calf accompanied by a male escort (protector) swimming in the crystal clear waters off Vavau Tonga

Jordan Robins

Curiosity - A curious Green Sea Turtle swims up to my camera to get a closer look before it takes a gasp of fresh air. If you look closely you can see bubbles starting to be expelled from the turtles jaw prior to it surfacing. The ocean was very windy and rough on this afternoon and as I captured this image small wind waves were crashing into the front of my camera housing creating a white wash appearance.

Ross McGibbon

Serpent Sundown - The Coppertail whipsnake is one of the most beautiful snakes in Australia. Its sunburnt orange and sky-blue markings mirror the colours of the horizon at sunset. The beauty of this snake is rivaled only by the desert landscape it inhabits.

Andrew Dickman

Whale of a time

Emma Holman

Mum and calf, Tonga

Alex Pike

Euastacus hirsutus - Australia has the highest diversity of freshwater crayfish out of anywhere on our planet. These amazing creatures come in range of colours, sizes and distributions. Euastacus hirsutus, or The Southern Hairy Cray, is found in only a few streams along the Illawarra escarpment, south of Sydney. This species is highly threatened due to it's small distribution and cryptic lifestyle.

Kristian Bell

Suburban killer - This highly venomous eastern brown snake lives on the edge of a suburbia, currently an industrial wasteland due for future development. Despite their reputation, these snakes are very secretive and avoid contact with humans, and even provide a valuable service in areas such as this, controlling the over abundant rodent populations.

James Dorey

Silent predator - By day tawny frogmouths are statues of branches, trying to avoid notice from daytime predators. But, by night they become the predator, hunting for insects, small mammals and of course, frogs. For months I observed the behaviour of a mating pair on the NSW's north coast and eventually achieved this photo of one coming in to land on a favourite hunting perch.

Justin Bruhn

Travelling Light - It was a feeling of absolute exhilaration for me when this humpback whale and her calf cruised past our boat with an entourage of rough toothed dolphins and a large male escort. My heart was racing, swimming as hard as I could towards them. Fortunately, I was rewarded with this image before they powered away. Natural light and a fast shutter speed allowed me to capture this magical moment.

Paul Marshall

Storm on the Way - African Wildlife Scene from Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Jordan Robins

Mountains Meets The Sea - An 'over under' image of a Double Headed Wrasse swimming in the pristine coral gardens in the lagoon below Mount Gower and Mount Lidgbird on Lord Howe Island. An over under is a style of underwater photography where you can see above and below the water, captured in a single exposure. Strobes are used to balance the exposure of the sky with the foreground and illuminate below the waters surface.

Dominic Hall

Floating home - A group of Adelie Penguins on a small buoyant ice berg in East Antarctica.

Patrick Britt

Rogue pup - A domestic dog tears apart a goats carcass from its herd deep in the Indian Himalayas.

Jordan Robins

Fire & Ice Sea Turtle Sunset - An 'over under' image of an endangered Green Sea Turtle gracefully gliding though the crystal clear water in the lagoon on the Great Barrier Reef as the sky lights up a fiery red from the setting sun. It was a windy and wild afternoon and as I captured this image a small wind wave broke over the front of my camera housing creating a dramatic effect and contrasts the calm below the rouge surface.

Matt Krumins

Manta Ballet - They danced in perfect sync, as though the performance was choreographed and rehearsed. Loops and circles all intertwined flawlessly as we stared up towards the sunbeams, fixated on these magnificent animals.

Kristian Bell

Pobblebonk - This charmingly named little frog is found throughout the Melbourne area and this one was found crossing a road. After ensuring it made the journey across to the other side I couldnt resist taking a photo before he hopped on his way.

Matt Krumins

Shot at Broughton Island, NSW Australia

Matt Krumins...

She just hovered there above her mothers nose bathing in the dancing sunlight streaming through the water. All was calm like the entire ocean was meditating.