Christopher Hopkins

'I Want to Hold Her Hand'.Robyn Becker is in the final stages of terminal breast and gastric cancer. Her sister Jennifer flew from California to Melbourne to be with her but is quarantined for two weeks. She has been given special leave from the hotel to be with her for an hour a time. “Each visit, our time is cut short and it’s devastating" says Robyn. Robyn would sadly pass away on July 10th, seven weeks later.

Isabella Melody Moore

Bruce Pascoe and the dancing grass.In May of this year, Indigenous Author Bruce Pascoe, sits in a field of Mandadyan Nalluk (dancing grass). He is harvesting native grains for flour and bread using traditional Indigenous techniques on his property in East Gippsland, Victoria. Pascoe’s team were able to work right through the coronavirus: “We just carry on. This is a very isolated farm and we’re isolated on it"

Rachael Tagg

A Black Summer Childhood.The Summer of 2019-2020 was not a typical Aussie summer, with more than half of our Shoalhaven region burning for weeks on end. On this day, our home became an emergency shelter for family and friends who were evacuated. We tried to keep our 3 year old son's world as normal as possible, but the chaos and change surrounding him often forced him to stop and look up. "Mum, why is the sky burning?"

Jeremy Billett

Scorched Earth 10.A series exploring the devastation, resilience and aftermath of the 2019/20 Australian wild fires around my home town in Northern NSW. Images in this series were all photographed on Kodak Ektar 100 film and self developed.

Francesco Vicenzi

Covid Family - Aida's Blood Test.A nurse is collecting an infant's blood for testing during a home visit, as part of a study the family was participating in at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the University of Melbourne. The whole family was isolating after testing positive to Covid during the second wave in Melbourne.

Isabella Melody Moore

The Significance of Ceremony."Nyimirr (Fleur), her husband Millmullian (Locky) in their backyard near Orange with their four sons James, Preston, Yuri and Gurrumali. They're carrying out a family ceremony that protects them from spirits. It's a hot day so Fleur is sipping on iceypoles.

Alex Coppel

A man and his dog sit on the beach watching the headland.On NYE 2019 I was on holidays in Malua Bay NSW, and the immediate threat of bushfire arrived on our doorstep. We fought to protect my parents' property, and bunkered down with 20 extended family members sheltering from the fire. It was a wind change in our favour that afforded me the time to run to the beach to witness thousands of people seeking refuge as the fire raged around them.

Brad Fleet

In need of rain.The 2019 drought took hold north of the Flinders ranges. A lone horse walks past loading yards in the struggling town of Lyndhurst, South Australia. Efforts to rescue the horse by animal rescue agencies failed and the health of the animal is unknown.

Sheldon Ang

Respect the Elder.While the Black Lives Matter march in Perth is mainly peaceful, there are a few heated exchanges between the Aboriginal people and the police - who are all white. The Elder in the photo is eight two years old and has been a victim of incarceration over minor offences. The march is sparked by the death of George Floyd following his arrest over an alleged counterfeit twenty-dollar bill.

Ari Rex

Isolated.Smoke filled playground during the summer bushfires.

Chanel Irvine

Margate.From my project, ‘Another English Summer,’ which documents the ways in which the Brits have been embracing nature and the seaside during the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Louis Trerise

Defiance.Young protesters form a barricade on police lines during the Yuen Long Retaliation Protest on 27/07/19. The umbrellas are used as a lite shield of protection, to hide identities, and as a political symbol of resistance as it was first seen in the 2014 pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Isaebella Doherty

I Wonder If We'll Ever Have Sex Again.This photograph is a part of my ongoing visual study of platonic & romantic intimacy, 'I Am Because We Are', documenting the spaces that hold our love & how they shape us. I am drawn to the prospect of capturing a dissolution of barriers between subject and camera. To allow the viewer total immersion, to feel they are entangled in the vulnerability & affection of the subjects and their intimacy.

Peter Morgan

Drone Garden.Grounded Hezbollah and Iranian-built drones float on display in the mists of Mleeta, South Lebanon.

Michael Weinhardt

Sue. After multiple evacuations during the month since the nearby Myrtle Mountain Rd Fire started on 31/12/19, Sue Schepisi watches the hills 800m NW where the Big Jack Mountain Fire is spotting into the valley that both her property and the nearby Wyndham village occupies. The Jellat RFS Brigade has arrived to do property protection. 1/2/20. Wyndham, NSW / Yuin Country.

Karlina Mitchell

Jojo comforting Lee. Lee was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2017, Jojo was 3 at the time and was always there to comfort his dad.

Don Chu

BCP. A lone office worker exits the Guoco Tower during lunch. Normally a busy scene, now empty as businesses implement their Business Continuity Plans during the early stages of Covid-19. Singapore, February 2020.

Wendy Wiseman

Her own path. I banned anything pink when I had my daughter, we even painted her room blue. I wanted her to grow up without any stereotypes of gender. She is five now and her favourite things are Barbie, Unicorns and dancing, I don't know if they are her true choice or if she is influenced by society around her. I hope as she grows she realises that she can do anything regardless of her gender.

Chanel Irvine

Grandma's Room. From my project, ‘On the Farm,’ which documented small farming families and communities in the northern parts of Iceland, whose practices make a strong case against the intensive and unsustainable present-day industrial model.

Greg Cole

Manly Cemetery: still open for business..There's something like 2000 burial sites in this photo alone. The idea that a cemetery, which received the dead from the 1870s through the Smallpox, Bubonic Plague and Spanish Flu epidemics, is still open for business is something I found fascinating. I took the photo, wondering if Covid-19 would see a demand for spaces of which there are still plenty, it seems.

Anthony R Beadle

Aftermath. All that my father owned was lost in the 2019 Australian Bushfires. This is an image of his house from above.

Christopher Hopkins.

The Hugging Curtain. At the Lifeview Aged Care facility in Chelsea, Maria is able to embrace her mother Helen Gavalos who is living with Dementia through a 'hugging curtain'. The aged care industry was tragically hit by the Covid-19 second wave in Victoria with hundreds of deaths. The hugging curtain allowed a tactile meeting between loved ones and is vital in the well-being of those living with Dementia.

Alex Coppel

Thousands of residents evacuate to the beach along with.On NYE 2019 I was on holidays in Malua Bay NSW, and the immediate threat of bushfire arrived on our doorstep. We fought to protect my parents' property, and bunkered down with 20 extended family members sheltering from the fire. It was a wind change in our favour that afforded me the time to run to the beach to witness thousands of people seeking refuge as the fire raged around them.

Nicole Marie

Walk Through It Lightly.The seemingly inescapable compression of parenting under Covid lockdown. The exhausting anxiety and heaviness of never ending uncertainty pressurises the whole equation; keeps you up, tires you out, frazzles your nerves.

Alicia Flegeltaub

Lonely in Lockdown. This image of my father, who has Multiple Sclerosis, captures a moment of reflection as he sits on the edge of his bed, next to his walking frame, on a sunny afternoon during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Sheldon Ang

Aboriginal Lives Matter in Perth 2020.On this rainy day, the Black Lives Matter march in Perth was sparked by the death of George Floyd under the knees of a white police officer in the United States. Similar scenes of protest are repeated across the world. This rally in Perth focuses on local police brutality that have accounted for 440 Aboriginal deaths since 1990.

Benjamin Liew

Broken.I didn't want to get an Italian Greyhound because not only are they emotionally fragile, but also physically fragile, think they are indestructible and are difficult to train. 3 weeks after we adopted Torino, he broke his leg, leaving us with a vet bill in the thousands. Since then, we've developed an inseparable bond.

Isaebella Doherty

The Wet Season.This photograph is a part of my ongoing visual study of platonic & romantic intimacy, 'I Am Because We Are', documenting the spaces that hold our love & how they shape us. I am drawn to the prospect of capturing a dissolution of barriers between subject and camera. To allow the viewer total immersion, to feel they are entangled in the vulnerability & affection of the subjects and their intimacy.

Kate Leddick

Checking in on Gwen and Barry.We’ve always maintained a close connection to our elderly neighbours in the court we live in.Now more than ever, this community connection and checking in on neighbours, is one of the most vital pieces to living. Our youngest. Outside Gwen and Barry’s house.Feb 2020

Kate Kennedy

SHE IS HERE!!.The overwhelming joy of two mothers when their long awaited baby daughter has finally arrived.

Steve Turner

White Water Nightmare.The point of no return Wedding Cake Island Coogee Sydney AustraliaMay 2020 a massive East Coast low produced waves up to 7 meters the waves were taken on by some of Sydneys best big wave riders i spent 2 days documenting some epic rides by Howie / Reidy/ Joel /Zac/Lars/Lachyand others here we have Jeremy Wilmotte at the end of one of his outstanding waves of the day.

Ashley Mackevicius

Bush fire cutlery.Walking through the remains of a friends house that was destroyed in recent bush fire I saw the charred remnants of what once the kitchen. I arranged the found cutlery on what was once the kitchen floor.

Cameron James Cope

Batman Street, Altona Meadows..Image from 'Fieldnotes from Batmania', an expanded documentary photobook in development collating 4x5 sheet film photographs of the parks, streets and monuments on Kulin Nations land around Narrm/Port Phillip that carry colonist John Batman’s name. The work serves as a contemporary portrait of settler society and an invitation to re-examine official remembrance of the past.

Sean Gilligan

THE FUTURE IS WATCHING .Young girls take part in the massive Black Lives Matter rally in Brisbane June 2020.

Sean Gilligan

WARRIOR.Ruby Wharton addresses the crowd as the Black Lives Matter rally in the Brisbane CBD July 2020. As a member of Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance she was one of the organisers of Brisbane's massive BLM rallies.

Asif Hussein

Stop.I can study, I can write, I can teach, I can care for, I can provide, I can ..................................STOP..............................

Robert Fenlon

My Greatest Creation.A photo I took of my daughter as she took her first breath out in the world.This is literally the very first photo I ever took of her following an 18 hour labour and an emergency cesarean.I took many photos that day but none were more perfect than this exact first moment in time, the moment that drastically changed everything as I became a father.

Sarah-Jane Duguid

Above country.Traditional owner Bec Sampi flying over and seeing her country for the first time.

David Martinelli

Eureka - the rains are here!.Felton Farmer Paul Fuhlbolm enjoy the pool of water and the mud with his children Erin 5yr and Jack 2yr. at the family 800acre property 162km southwest of Brisbane. Property received 80mm of rain overnight from 5pm Friday afternoon.

Joshua Cowell

Road Still.My father and mother instilled in my two siblings and myself a real love and respect for Australian wildlife. Wherever we went my father and mother would bring home, sick or injured wildlife which we would nurse back to good health and return to the bush.It deeply disturbs me that not all Australians are not brought up as equals in this respect. Why don't people stop anymore?

Colin Boyd

I'll just close my eyes.A split second capture is always an exciting shot. Man against beast trying to win the prize. Captured at the Mudgee Rodeo. Rodeos are exciting and can be quite a challenge when photographing. Light changes constantly and everything happens quite quickly. Luckily the rider got up and walked away with no injuries, his helmet definatelyy did its job.

Michael Weinhardt

A Tale of Two Lightning Strikes.On one hand, one of billions of lighting strike images.On the other, the electrical storm that started the Big Jack Mountain and Postmans Trail Fires (19 kms west) that by 8/2/20 burned 31,918 ha. The spot where the photo was taken was hit twice.This image is a blend of two moments of the same lightning strike, 1/250 of a second apart.20/1/2020. Devils Hole, NSW / Yuin Country.

Michele Iannello

Dad died of cancer during lockdown.Dad trapped inside his body and his home. Fighting rounds of chemo. Trying to go the distance against an opponent he knows he cannot beat. We wait for lockdown to end to surround him by our enormous family one last time.

Bianca Macauley

Hello, my new brother. She lay peacefully as her eldest meets her youngest

Karen Waller

Karo Education.The Karo village of Korcho, is located in Ethiopia's Omo Valley and rests high above the Omo River and the valley below. Goat is the main source of meat and the many goats wander freely throughout the village. The children gather around and observe the process of preparing the goat once it has been killed. They begin to learn the process and essential life skill, from a young age.

Alexandra Nielsen

Picking Limes. Quanah wades through the tall grass to get to the lime trees

Mikaela Martin

A Covid Kiss. Ramona Pena gets a kiss from her grandson, Richard on her eighty sixth birthday. Florida, USA 2020

Jake Nowakowski

Anti-lockdown protests.Police officers attempt to place a mask on a man after he was arrested during an anti-lockdown rally in Melbourne.

Hayley Edgar

Tears of determination.This birthing mother was finally in control of every aspect of her birth. She took control and showed strength and determination in every wave.

Matthew O'Donnell

Always Was, Always Will Be.Driving down through Fyansford where extensive developments have already taken place, yet another patch of land is being advertised for sale. March, 2020

Vicki Bell

Yiayia and Cocky.The poorest millionaire. This is a kooky capture of my mum and the love of her life! Mum arrived from Greece in 1965 with nothing in her pocket and belly full of baby. She is one of the wealthiest women I know. I still need to help her spell out the numbers for her cheque books. Her courage, her fire and eccentricities amaze me everyday...she is one of a kind. Superbly individual.

Clare Oliver

Alex Mckinnon Rugby League Player . A portrait of a man with hope in his veins and a will to one day get up out of his wheel chair and run onto the rugby field once again.

Andy Cheung

Novak Djokovic of Serbia at the 2020 Australian Open Tennis Championship Day 5 Match at Melbourne Park Tennis Centre, Melbourne, Australia. 24 Jan 2020.

Paul Dodd

Eyewash Station. During the 2019 Stop IMARC protest in Melbourne the Police used capsicum spray frequently and without warning. This image shows a pop-up eyewash station set up to aid protesters that were sprayed in the eyes.

Philip Gostelow

Perth Mosque, COVID-19 lockdown. The emptiness speaks volumes. The main prayer hall in Perth Mosque, Northbridge, one of the oldest in the country. Red plastic markers are spaced to indicate positioning for prayer mats. With five calls for prayer each day, the mosque typically attracts large numbers of worshippers, particularly on Fridays. During the lockdown the numbers in the hall were restricted to a maximum of 20 people.

Cameron James Cope

Pabva Zizi Pagara Gondo / Where the Owl Left the Eagle .My wife’s twin cousins Nkuku and Mlauzi ride on the back of a ute near Silobela in central Zimbabwe. Their gaze out of frame begins a thread of ambiguity throughout my photobook, Pabva Zizi Pagara Gondo, that visually allegorises the legacies of colonialism, civil war and mass emigration in Zimbabwe amongst fragments of my experience there as a ‘mukwasha’ (son in law).

Karl Strand

Ash Dam.Coal ash is the toxic waste that doesn't go into the air when coal is burnt to make electricity.At most power stations coal ash is mixed with saline waste water and pumped to a muddy, toxic lake near the facility. It is a toxic cocktail of substances including mercury, lead, arsenic, selenium and chromium.This sludge can leak into rivers and aquifers, contaminating the waterways.

Andy Cheung

Roger Federer of Switzerland at the 2020 Australian Open Tennis Championship Day 5 Match at Melbourne Park Tennis Centre, Melbourne, Australia. 24 Jan 2020.

Julie Kerbel

Awakening.Six years on and still no justice for MS Dhu. The world is finally awakening. This image was taken at the Black Lives Matters rally in Perth, June 2020

Mikaela Martin

A Birthday.Family gather for a birthday bbq in Florida USA, in July 2020, during the height of Covid-19. Some were apprehensive. Others were not at all.

Cameron Neville

Firefighter.. Crews were in a desperate race to complete necessary Hazard Reduction Burns to protect communities before the current fire season takes hold. Hazard Reduction Burn Emerson Way Oxenford Queensland Australia.

Ilana Rose

South Sudanese Refugee Family.A grandmother looks after her 8 grandchildren including 3 sets of twins, the youngest which she helped her daughter deliver, were born on the side of the road as the family fled the onset of the conflict and mass murders in South Sudan. Juba PoC (Protection of Civilian) UN refugee camp, South Sudan

Jye Currie

TRUTH.Truth is, life isn't always as it seems.I capture this image while on a mission trip in Kenya, moments before we were gun escorted to safety. Seconds after I captured this image I removed the SD card from my camera and hid it in my pants. I didn't think we would make it home alive and if that was the case I wanted this image to be found and shared with the world.

Peter Hendrie

Ferry to the office Sydney. Morning ferry to work in Sydney

Josh Shaw

Seconds from the Summit.Six gruelling hours ago Jaylene Cook started her winter expedition to summit Mt Ngauruhoe, New Zealand - this frame captured her hanging from the icy face of the mountain seconds before she finally reached the summit.

Jarrah Knowles Parsons

The Arrival.On the 29th of November 2019, I went for a walk with some friends up the hills outside Braidwood, to get a better view of the fires. We watched the smoke swallow all the houses that we could see. It was a lot to take in. It didn’t seem real. I wondered what was going through my friend’s mind as she watched her farm disappear into the smoke while her father was defending their house.

Darrian Traynor

ABU WARED.GAZA. 4th March 2020. Surgeons prepare to operate on Ismail Abu Wared. Al-Awda, hospital patients suffering from osteomyelitis are kept in isolation rooms to treat infection. No new bone plantations can be performed while the infection is present.

Michael Weinhardt

WTF. Sue Schepisi drives across one edge of her property, which was spared when the fire threatening it reached an old access track and lost its impetus. For days, weeks and months, the Wyndham community struggled to make sense of Black Summer. At the time of writing, some are still living in caravans without running water. Many feel forgotten in the wake of COVID-19. 5/2/20. Wyndham, NSW / Yuin Coun

Jake Nowakowski

Anti-lockdown protests.A man wearing a face shield with the words 'Covid 1984 Virus Scam' stands in front of a line of mounted police during an anti-lockdown rally at the Shrine of Remembrance.

Dillon Mak

Black Lives Matter. A Black Lives Matter rally was held in The Domain in Sydney on July 5th 2020 with around 2000 protesters in attendance. The police allowed them to gather in the park but when the protesters started to do an unauthorised march through to Hyde Park a large police presence emerged to stop them.

Doug MacGregor

Lockdown Landscapes. Australia 30.8.20.From a series of pictures commenced 30.6.20, Victoria's most recent Lockdown

Darrian Traynor

LOCKDOWN.MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 09: Workers wearing personal protective equipment are seen outside the Flemington Tower Public Housing Complex on July 09, 2020 in Melbourne, Australia.

Yanni Dellaportas

Frontline Hero.Firefighters often have to go where others can't. This CFA volunteer was up close and personal with a fire that eventually totally burnt down the building within an hour.

Louis Trerise

Man vs Machine.A protester promptly walks towards the action during the 2019 Pro Democracy protests in Hong Kong. Armed with solid protective gear and a tennis racket for batting back tear gas to the police with the International Finance Center towering over him in the background. To take this photo, I lay on the road, composed the shot, and waited roughly ten minutes until the right subject came into frame.

Clare Jellie

When the Sun Sleeps.When the Sun Sleeps is a photographic exploration of the small Australian coastal city of Warrnambool and the stories embedded within its social and environmental ecologies. The project investigates clashing ideas to both question and celebrate rural living through long-form documentary and the traditions of photography that responds to place.