Tom Putt

Broken River.Windswept snow falling on the soon-to-be frozen surface of Lake Baikal, Russia then freezes to form this incredible pattern (as seen from above).

Warren Keelan

Zenith. The beautiful moment when two opposing liquid forms become one. Gear: Canon 5DMKIV + Canon 70-200mm IS II 2.8 + Aquatech Housing

Samuel Markham

Extinguished. From one extreme to another. Heavy rain and large hail stones batter a fire scorched and damaged Australian landscape, bringing much needed rain and relief. Smoke, hail and rain combine.

Cameron Neville

After Burn. Taken from my long term series covering Bush Fires. I have seen the effect of fire on the landscape for nearly a decade now but I am also starting to see a beauty that wasn't apparent to me before. Here we can see that the fire has passed and the lingering smoke haze dilutes the light into an ethereal beauty, it's quite astonishing to witness.

Melanie Sinclair

Pick Up Sticks. A whole forest felled; pick up sticks

Alan Coligado

Inhabited desert.

Will Eades

Roll Cloud. A roll cloud creeps up the east Australia coast. The angle of the sun seemed to split this huge structure in half, nearly like two clouds were having a race out to sea. Port Macquarie, Australia.

Matt Horspool

Subtlety of Nature.During an expedition into Western Greenlands' Scoresbysund, we sailed by this tiny Growler (tiny iceberg), dwarfed by some insanely large and beautiful red rock faces. The low lying cloud frames the Growler between the backdrop and water, creating a minimal and unique looking image. It is one of my favourite shots from the trip.

Federico Rekowski

"Moon rise over Mungo" .

Geoff Borg

Water Drops Hanging By Sheep Wool. Morning dew hanging by sheep wool on fence wire. Farrell Flat, South Australia.

Stuart Murphy

Pushed. Giant rushes informally gather into ridges and hollows after weeks of strong wind. Not just a pretty face either, allowing wetlands to do their thing tends to cushion fluctuating weather patterns and tie up huge amounts of carbon. Rehabilitating wetlands is the low hanging fruit of climate change action.

Paul Hoelen

Parchment. Layers of silt dry in the harsh desert heat of northern Australia into layers of paper-like parchment

Natalie Nowotarski

Synchronicity Of Life. One night while photographing in the almost dark light of dusk in the mangroves at the back Marina in Somerville. I happened upon these wonderful creatures, dancing almost to the moonlight. They floated by seeming not to have a care in the world. Maybe they were just passing. Living their life but in parallel.

Anna Luscombe

Mat Beetson

Tidal Woman. Aerial Capture from a Robinson R44 Helicopter. GFX100 + 45-100mm OIS. Low tide on the mudflats.

Guy Havell

Abandonment and broken dreams in the Sonoran desert, California.

Michael Wolfe

Palm Bendigo Cemetery 26-8-20-3.Throughout the series Momento Mori, I've been experimenting with photographic forms and techniques to create images that are sensual and nuanced, at once familiar and alien, sitting somewhere at the periphery of observable reality. Part vision, part memory, part imagination.

Rebecca Murray

Kulin country. This image evolved from a body of work exploring colonial feelings towards land, and how attitudes of old continue to permeate the cultural, political and physical landscapes of Australia today.

Nick Hinch

Passenger. Iceland Minolta cle Ilford FP4+

Paul Hoelen

Altered Lands. A convergence of man and nature is unveiled showcasing how the earth is being altered by its use as a resource...

Scott McCook


Craig McGowan

Ice Reflections.. A drifting iceberg against the fjord walls within the North East Greenland National Park.

Warren Keelan

Iceberg. A mountain of moving ocean rising above a shallow bombora, taking the form of an iceberg before projecting and exploding only metres away. Gear: Canon 5DMKIV + Canon 70-200mm IS II 2.8 + Aquatech Housing

Guy Havell

Desert Shores luxury canal estates, California.

Robyn Finlayson

Nicola Eugenea

Ghosts - The March. Our community was desimated by the bushfires last Summer. A lot of people in our community were displaced and the devastation to our local wildlife was heartbreaking. This shot was taken at McKenzies Beach NSW, the landscape was charred, and the water was filled with ash and debris. The tide dragged ash from seaweed clumps into the ocean, resulting in ghostly figures seeking refuge by the water.

Anna Luscombe

David Rosendale

Honshu, From Karamatsu, Happo One.

Eunie Kim

Lainey Foster

Bloom.The ever-beautiful Eden, on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia in algal bloom known as a bioluminescent dinoflagellate.Such a privilege to have witnessed and captured it, and I delight in the irony of this ruby phenomenon occurring along the far south of NSW, called the Sapphire Coast.

Will Eades

Updraft. Supercell storms are the rarest form of storm, characterised by the presence of a 'mesocyclone' or deep rotating updraft. This can be hard to see, but here the rotation is clearly visible with the incredible ridges of the updraft twisting into the atmosphere like a barbers pole.

Bikash Tamot

Dreamy Waterfall.

Lou Whelan

Tarrawarra at Twilight. Rain falls at the Tarrawarra Museum of Art, the end of a perfect day

Evan Hancock

Mt Margaret Road, Victoria. Light. Ash. White is a black and white photographic narrative that captures the partial re-birthing amongst a landscape that still holds on to hectares of remnant white carcasses. The series marks the 10 year anniversary of Black Saturday in Victoria that occurred from 7th February to 14th March 2009.

Adam Crews

Momentum. Ex Carrarang, Shark Bay ~ W.A.

Cameron James Cope

Middle Creek, Shannonvale.Large format colour film photograph taken on Yaitmathang land at Middle Creek in Victoria's High Country.

Samuel Markham

My Country Burns. I have been in some pretty bad weather events as a landscape photographer but nothing could of prepared me for being straight in the line of a Pyrocumulonimbus Fire Storm which had a built in Flashover with temperature exceeding 1,000 degrees. It sounded like a jet engine powered by incredible easterly winds. It turned daylight into darkness. Raging with 40+ metre flames and millions of embers.

Josh Primiero

Eureka Tower above the fog. The Eureka Tower rising above the fog on a wintery Melbourne sunrise in 2020.

Kelvin Lau

Toora Heritage Pear Orchard. The Heritage Pear Orchard in Toora, Victoria is a community managed orchard containing 110 trees of 50 different pear varieties. This is an image of the orchard during early springtime in 2020.

Nick Hinch

Bolungarvík jetty. Bolungarvík, Iceland Mamiya 7 Portra 400

Natalya Stone

The Smoke that Thunders. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Dylan Knight

Stuart Miller


Samuel Markham

The Death Hook. NSW Bushfire season. A dead bunch of leaves clings to a scorched and barren dead tree. Holding each other throughout the worst. The dead holding the dead.

Renee Doyle

A view to the top.

Jake Nowakowski

Empty.A rooftop carpark stands empty in the Docklands.

Ian Flanders

Untitled (taken from the series Cooee).

Scott McCook

Emily Black

Judi Neumann

The Nymphs Playground.

Peter Ogden

Ghost Tree.Australia has become a battleground for climate change. After the 2019-2020 bushfires of Australia's summer from hell devastated land and lives alike, the evidence cannot be ignored. And the evidence is legion trees are dying and burning at a shocking rate, turning these once mighty living guardians into ghosts. I have started photographing these giant ghosts before they fade completely...

Karen Waller

Layers of Earth. Abandoned gold mine in Northern South Australia.

Charlie Barker

Out of service.

Alan Coligado


Kate Hanton

Arctic Architecture. Spring snowfalls in North East Victoria

Katie Turnbull

Tonimbuk (Aboriginal word for burn).

Mieke Boynton


David Dahlenburg

Man & The Bird.The dunes north of Kati-Thanda meet the salt lake forming interesting abstract formations.

Alessandro Cantarelli

Wide's Cave. Two years before I found a way to shoot this pano from inside this small cave that seems to interest no one, but that in my opinion makes the difference in this iconic location... 5 vertical shots in bracketing, 300 degrees of shooting angle, a few seconds to get out of the tide that, clearly because of the sun that melted the snow upstream, was quickly closing the cave.

Boags Hoags

Jo Kalinowski

When It Snowed (Sanatorium Lake).

Federico Rekowski

"Flow of Time".

Samara Harris

Opal Fields . Years and years of mining has created human sized ant holes in the White Cliffs Opal Fields

Tom Grasso

Bald Head, Albany, Western Australia.

Karen Waller

Aftermath. Bushfires destroyed homes and crops on Southern Yorke Peninsula in South Australia in late 2019. Two weeks after the fires, strong winds created clouds of ash and topsoil.

Michael Fabian

Faroe Islands - study. The blur of beauty

Tina Smigielski

Salt Flats .

Tom Putt

River of Fire. Rivers carrying volcanic minerals flow into the seas surrounding Iceland.

Dana Ruth Smith

Iceberg In Antarctica .

Ben McNamara

Anakins tree/ . Wadi Rum.

Jason Wu

lost paradise. this photo is taken in August last year in Nepean River Richmond NSW. This beautiful place was washed away and no any more available during the flood this year and this photo remind people the importance of protect the earth environment and climate change.

David Rosendale

Falls Creek #130_Now Is The winter.

Callie Chee

Ring of Fire.

Matthew Portch

The Wall Frame, Arizona.From a series entitled Lost America which examines a quiet stillness in a forgotten landscape that is, in a sense: 'on-pause'.