Allen Koppe

Beach Circles.

David Evans

Ice Field, pre-dawn. Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

Robin Friend

Gaewern, Bastard Countryside.. Over the years I’ve photographed in many abandoned mines across North Wales. To make this particular picture I had to abseil down a cliff and inflate a small raft. There was some natural light coming through a large crack top left so I used a really long exposure with a bit of fill-in from a powerful torch to get the shot you see here.

Ashley Mackevicius

Lake George No.1.

Ashley Mackevicius

High Country No.1.

Grayson Cooke

Invalid Data: Kati Thanda / Lake Eyre 12/03/2017. Scientists at Geoscience Australia use satellite images to track environmental change over time, and they use complex algorithms to filter clouds from the data because they obscure the view of the land. Using the same algorithms but inverting normal scientific process, this Landsat 8 satellite image shows a dramatic cloud formation occurring over Kati Thanda / Lake Eyre on the 12th of March 2017.

Federico Rekowski

Allen Koppe

A Long Way From Home.

Gavin Scott

Dylan Fox

Dylan Fox

Andrew Farr

Wildfire. During Australia's intense summer 2019 heatwave, a wildefire rips through the Petermann Ranges in the Pitjantjatjara Lands, NT. Shot on Kodak Ektar.

Tal Lemmens

Apex. A rise in the ocean's swell, colliding perfectly to create an Apex. I remember the anticipation and moments before capturing this image. I swam and watched as two waves tracked each other, on course to collide. I yelled in excitement as the ocean formed a large mountain in front of me. This is the exhilarating feeling that keeps me coming back for more. @tallemmens

Allen Koppe

Down the Track..

Krystle Ricci

Blast Dust. Miners and their car are eclipsed by the aftermath from a blast on the iron ore mine in Yandicoogina

Allen Koppe


Michael Wolfe

Bealiba Water Tower.

Mathew Tildesley

Kelp Glow. Using a wirelessly triggered strobe my assistant and I are swimming amongst the waves in the dark at an offshore reef in the Tasmanian winter.?I’ve been obsessed attempting to achieve this style of surf photography over the last 2 years. Fabricating my own waterproof housings for the strobe equipment in my 3x3m tin shed and checking the surf forecast every day waiting for the stars to align.

Ben Harmon

Car #4. Location: East Trentham, Victoria Australia

Dennis Rickard

Devil's Pitchfork.

Allen Koppe

Next Level.

Reza Bagheri

Flooded. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Alan Moyle

Allen Koppe

Sail and Stairs.

chandra bong

Log and Horn. Spiky granite peaks of Cordillera Paine mountain range located in Torres Del Paine National Park of Chilean Patagonia.

Jonathan Abdipranoto

Barred. A beautiful sea ruined by a man made structure. It makes me wonder what the natural scene would have looked like if there wasn't a fence barring the viewer.

Peter Yates

Sakura Fubuki (Cherry Blossom petal blizzard). Towards the end of the Cherry Blossom season in the Tokyo region of Japan the winds pick up and sweep the millions of falling petals in a blizzard like form dropping petals sometimes many kms away. I was able to capture this moment whilst photographing 2 cherry blossom trees perched on top of a hill where an ancient tomb rested. Unforgettable experience.

Peter Bratuskins

Kutchan Vending Machine #5.

Patricia D. Goldby

As the Devil Descends Upon The Earth. An afternoon stroll turned dark very quickly. Immersed in conversation and not noticing the colour fading from all around us. Darkness descended, draining the life out of the grass, the trees , the flowers. As small droplets fell onto my face I turned around to look behind me to discover this immense, powerful and black vortex moving closer and closer.

Kris Anderson

Cameron Meacham

Stairway to Heaven. 'Stairway to Heaven' represents the journey cancer patients endure whilst on their path through diagnosis and treatment. This image was captured at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne, for the purpose of highlighting shapes and lines in the interior of the building, depicting contemporary architecture.

Karl Strand

Weindorfers Fagus. Captured in Tasmania's Weindorfers forest. The wind had blown all of the fagus leaves off the trees. As I entered the forest they blanketed the forest floor like a royal carpet. I went with natures due course and decided to look down until I found this awesome scene.

James Smart

RUNDOWN. A beautiful supercell storm is moving across the small town of Black Hawk, South Dakota. Sitting in the perfect position is this rundown vehicle with overgrown grass, proving you cant outrun this storm.

Tony Law

Eye of the desert.

Susan Brunialti


Allen Koppe

Going to Evans.

Karl Strand

The Main Range. My friend and I hiked out into the Kosciusko national park with 70km p/hr headwinds to camp for the night. The clouds swept across the sky like a time lapse right before your eyes. The dappled light painted The Main Range in glorious light and shadow emphasizing the contour of the land.

Yan Kurniawan

UNCONQUERED. October 20, 2018 Sydney was pummelled by severe thunderstorms just ahead of the Invictus Games Sydney 2018 opening ceremony. Massive lightning hit the city and lit the Opera House beautifully. I feel so lucky to be able to capture this moment, a once in a lifetime shot.

Samuel Markham

Bungle Bungle Galaxy. Hands down this has to be one of the best nights of my life. Watching the Milky Way rise from the darkness over The Bungle Bungle Range in the Purnululu National Park, Western Australia. Only silence and the stars.

Dylan Fox

Brandon Rooney

Los Andes. An aggressive 'polar vortex' storm system originating in Antarctica crossed the coast of central Chile and blanketed the city of Santiago with heavy snow cover. A phenomenon very rarely experienced and resulted in city-wide blackouts for days after. Locals had explained that the last time an event like this had occurred was in the early 1980's – or, the day after I had turned up.

Alan Moyle

Dean Cooper

Ryan North

Kosciuszko Ice. Morning fog shrouds the remaining ice from winter in Kosciuszko National Park, Australia.

Jinfei Yang

The night of Lancelin sand dunes. I installed 2 LED lights on my drone. The drone flys through sand dunes in the dark. I would like to represent the relationship between artificial objects and nature. This photo discusses the beauty of nature by the artificial, let the audience considering the positive side of the relationship between artificial and natural. Location at Lancelin town of West Australia.

Reza Bagheri

Peaceful. Bafgh Desert, Central Iran.

Callie Chee YM

Scott Leggo


Daniel Flood

Old woolshed in a storm. Old Woolshed in a storm, near Windellama, NSW, captured in infrared.

Ashley Mackevicius

Enchanted Road.

Ryan Ostrea


Samuel Markham

Prehistoric. As morning broke the 7+ hours of hiking was definitely worth it, moments after the sun rose it broke between dark storm clouds sending a brief moment of fleeting golden light across the valley below. The Castle, Budawang Range, Morton National Park, NSW, Australia.

Mieke Boynton

Ice Cold. The Lyngenalps, Norway.

Allen Koppe

Southern Nights.

Allen Koppe

Tales From the Sea.

James Davidson

Cape Raoul. Sunrise hits this remarkable landscape, the finger like columns of which were once used as target practice by the Australian Navy.

Ryan Fowler

Windswept. After quite a drive into the dessert outside of Abu Dhabi, the wind had picked up whilst the sun was moving down to the horizon and created these beautiful shapes of sand being blown over the top of the dunes.

Samuel Markham

The Fallen. A bitterly cold morning walking amongst these snow covered giants. Frozen in time. Sugar Pine Forest Plantation, Laurel Hill, NSW, Australia.

Dean Cooper

Graeme Gordon

The Opera House .

Edita Knowler


Alfred Dennis Chua

After The Storm. Iconic Blue Boat House captured after the storm

Ari Rex

Orroral Homestead. Orroral Homestead under the Milky Way Galaxy. This image was taken at Orroral Valley, Namadgi National Park, ACT. on August 2018

Jane Clancy

St Bathens Reflections.

David Rosendale

Falls Creek #94. From the series "The Fall" a perpetual study of seasonal change in the Alpine region of Falls Creek in Victoria. April. Last of the warmer days and cooler air signifies the beginning of another winter cycle. The question of sustainability, urbanisation and making wilderness areas accessible will always remain.

Jonathan Abdipranoto

Concrete Mood.

Dylan Fox

Chris de Blank

Coastal Birds. Pescadero Beach California


Mt Macedon 2019, Vic. It doesn't snow that often at Mt Macedon; however, on Sunday 11th August 2019 it did snow a lot. I was very lucky to be there before the roads were closed early that day.

Sari Sutton

The messenger.From a series I am developing on the impact of humans on the earth's environment, excess and planetary boundaries in the anthropocene. The images in the series are set in Australia's Kosciuszko national park.

James Arena

Moody Crossflow Moments. Elements dancing across

Samuel Markham

The Bitter End. The iconic 'Hanging Rock' captured in an incredibly rare snow fall. This has to be one of the rarest images in my portfolio to date. The long drive, sore legs and tired eyes were all totally worth it to experience these short seconds of simplicity. Hanging Rock, Blue Mountains National Park, NSW, Australia.

jannick clausen

Blood moon & mars over lake moogerah. Single capture

Stanley Aryanto

Allen Koppe


Paul Graeme Dodd


Susan Sventek

Atop of Castle Hill.. A magical morning in Castle Hill New Zealand. A tiny silhouette giving a sense of the size of the enormous boulders in this landscape.

Samuel Markham

The Sapphire King. Something about being in the presence of this beautiful almighty rock is rather comforting. This image was taken at Sunrise as the beautiful golden light graced the Sapphire Coast once more. Horse Head Rock, Bermagui, NSW, Australia

Scott Leggo

Alpine Magic.

Dylan Fox

Dennis Rickard

Cape Khoboy.

Julian Cook

While You Were Dreaming. This shot was taken at Lake Gairdner. It is one of the largest salt lakes in Australia and is situated in a very remote part of South Australia. After a 2 day drive to the area, I was ready for this shot, taken a little while before dawn, out on the lake. I couldn't imagine a more isolated and beautiful place. I must have been the only person awake and out there at such an early hour. There were

Mark Ditcham

Sole Survivor.

Robyn Finlayson

Sandy Cape, Fraser Island.

Corey Crawford

Hypnotize. The way ocean and land meet is exactly what was captured here in this scene/composition photographed on an early winters morning on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia on a small beach named 'Coalcliff Beach'

David Rosendale

Falls Creek #98. From the series "The Fall" a perpetual study of seasonal change in the Alpine region of Falls Creek in Victoria. September. Substantial late august and early Spring snow has much of the alpine landscape pristine with fresh snow. Storms still hover above the mountains, and the occasional breaks of sun indicate a change in Spring weather.

Adam Resch

Lake Oberon, Western Arthurs, Tasmania.

Peter Yates

Haunting Camel Rock. A stunning location that offers so much to the landscape photographer. Haunting serene at times and awesomely powerful at most times. So many angles to capture yet I feel this angle with portrays the spire like formation shows is might over the Camel shape view offered on approach. Bermagui, Australia.

Peter Marseveen

Still Wild Still Threatened.

Peter Bratuskins


Samuel Markham

Dawn Another Day. An unforgettable morning watching the darkness give way to a brighter light. Moeraki Boulders Beach, Hampden, South Island, New Zealand.

Robyn Finlayson

Timeless Spirit.

Shaun Trainer

Lonely Tree. This well photographed tree in Binalong Bay Tasmania proves that you can be famous and still be lonely.

Ashley Mackevicius

Alpine Plain No.2.

Edita Knowler

Metropolis, Gold Coast.

Ashley Mackevicius

High Country No.15.

Ashley Mackevicius

Gundabooka Land.

Susan Massey

Binalong Bay, Tasmania. F 8 , ISO 50, Exposure 32 sec , 3 stop soft grad filter. Early Morning Light over the Bay, Nov. 2018

Nick White

Surfers See Waves Everywhere.

Jannick Clausen

A Dance Of Power Lines.single capture