An Interview with Markus Andersen

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This week we caught up with our fantastic APA judge, Markus Andersen, to discuss  the thoughts and creative processes behind his inspiring photographic work.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what made you pursue photography?

I am a photographic artist that has produced two hardcover photo books from T&G Publishing, had many solo shows and am currently working and preparing my third photo book.


What do you love most about photography?

Being able to pull abstracted ideas and thoughts together and express them in a split-second moment of time.


Your project, ‘Mirrored’, is a playful series that compares and contrasts Turkish and Australian life. Can you tell us more about this series? Did you encounter any challenges?

Myself & Turkish photographer Elif Suyabatmaz shot for a couple of years fairly randomly within our personal environments and after a period of time pooled our images and begin editing narratives between our series.

No real challenges to be honest apart from the editing.


‘Rage Against The Light’ is a moody black & white series of images exploring the fragility of humans against the backdrop Sydney’s city architecture. Can you explain the technical and creative decisions behind your images?

Creatively, my hardcover photo-book “Rage Against The Light” and associated solo shows were to reflect a myriad of elements of the city to the coast of Sydney, Australia .

Subjects and elements were recorded from various environments with the humans existing in the process of their daily lives.

The work was to appear organic, imperfect and tactile. I have very little interest in cold, clinical digital images … personally, photographic art images are all about emotion, heart, soul and connection with the real / the universe and the tangible that matters to me.



‘Cabramatta’ is a beautiful and colourful series that explores the unique Australian suburb, Cabramatta. As a street photographer, how did you capture this series? Do you believe in Henri Cartier Bresson’s “decisive moment”?

My hardcover photo book “Cabramatta” and associated solo exhibitions were captured over a period of 12 months to record the daily life, environments, festivals and people of the suburb. All shot with beautiful Fuji X series cameras and lenses!

The work was wrapped in an aesthetic of strong colour, design, light and shade etc.

Yes, I do believe that in any given scene it reaches its apogee at a certain point and those that are in tune with themselves & the universal mind  – those that choose to listen to their unconscious and know when this scene appears grab it for all time – I believe photography to be a very spiritual and esoteric process.


Out of your images, which is your favourite and why?

I don’t really have favourites to be honest.


Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Markus!


To see more of Markus’s talented work head to –

Instagram – @markusxandersen

Website – http://www.markusandersen.net